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NYAA March Madness 2015 Tournament Scouting Report

01/06/2016, 4:45pm EST
By NYAA Basketball

NYAA Gatorade March Madness Basketball Tournament

Scouting Report

Rating Scale: 1-Needs Improvement  2- Below Average  3-Average  4-Above Average  5-Outstanding

Ashley Woodfin #1, 6th grade, Team: Triangle Flight 7th grade

Solid point guard with good ball skills.  Needs to develop a mid-range and 3 point shot to keep the defense honest.  She is a tough competitor especially while playing with older girls.  Strengthen her weak hand and get a consistent jumper and she can be a high level player.

Rating: Shooting – 3 Dribbling – 4 Passing – 4 Defense – 3 Court Sense – 4 Rebounding – 3   


Hannah Malik #5, 7th grade

Team: Triangle Tar Heels 7

Point guard with solid ball handling skills.  Pushes the ball well in transition, can finish at the bucket or find an open teammate.  Decent mid-range jumper, needs to develop a 3 point shot.  High motor kid that keeps her team going.  Keep an eye on her.  

Rating: Shooting-3  Dribbling-4  Passing-3  Defense-3  Court Sense-4  Rebounding-4


Sami Sever #23, 7th grade

Team: Triangle Tar Heels 7

Wing with lots of length and energy.  Rebounds very well and can push the ball in transition.  Nice smooth jumper with 3 point range.  Can defend post and wing players while using solid footwork.  Continue to develop her game around the basket will make her a tough match up in the future and a solid prospect.  Lots of upside for her.  

Rating: Shooting-4  Dribbling-3 Passing-3 Defense-4  Court Sense-3 Rebounding-3


Tanashia Hairston #11, 7th grade

Team: Greensboro Gators

This player has a nonstop motor on both ends of the court.  Very athletic and can get to the basket whenever she wants to and can finish in traffic.  Solid mid-range shot and has 3 point range.  Can dribble with either hand, just needs to get more comfortable using weak hand against pressure.  She’s a go to player with a tremendous upside.  Needs to strengthen her ball handling and a consistent 3 point shot.

Rating: Shooting-4  Dribbling-3  Passing-3  Defense-4  Court Sense-4  Rebounding-3


Rachel Ozio #15, 7th grade

Team:  Carolina Wave

Pass first point guard that can knock down the 3 if you ignore her.  Above average speed and quickness makes her tough to guard in transition.  Does a good job of on ball pressure on defense.  Does a good job of getting teammates the ball in the correct spots and keeps turnovers to a minimum.  Solid decision maker and can handle the ball well against pressure and is not afraid of contact.

Rating: Shooting-3  Dribbling-4  Passing-4 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-3


Kayla Cadlett #23, 7th grade

Team: Carolina All Stars

This point guard is a competitor that really gets after it on both ends of the floor.  She does a good job of defending on the ball.  Has above average speed and quickness which allows her to get to the basket easily in transition.  Needs to get better handling the ball under pressure and get a consistent mid-range jumper.  Skills are a little raw still but shows flashes of greatness at this early stage.  What she lacks in skill she makes up for in hustle and determination.

Rating: Shooting-3  Dribbling-3 Passing-3 Defense-4 Court Sense-3  Rebounding-4


NeNe Gillium #5, 8th grade

Team: Norfolk Lady TarHeels

Tall strong guard with deep 3 point range.  She is a tremendous competitor that plays hard on both ends of the floor.  Is a decent ball handler and can keep her teammates involved with accurate passing.  She is not afraid of contact and will go in and rebound with the post players.  Solid scoring guard, will continue to be an elite player as her skill get better.

Rating: Shooting-4  Dribbling-3  Passing-3  Defense-4  Court Sense-4  Rebounding-4


Triangle TarHeels 8th grade (Moore)

***If you have not seen this team you need to as soon.  This team is stacked with players at every position.  They have two speedy point guards with pin point passing and aggressive defense.  Post players are able to stretch and shoot the 3 point shot with regularity and all can finish around the basket in traffic.  At least 3 players are college ready right now and will be immediate impact players on their high school teams.****  


Alex Scruggs #32, 8th grade

Team: Triangle TarHeels 8th (Moore)

Big strong post with guard skills.  Solid post moves but can also step out and shoot the 3 consistently or take her defender off the dribble.  Can see her moving to a 4 or 3 spot in high school.  Keep an eye on this one she is a player.

Rating: Shooting-4 Dribbling-4  Passing-3 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-3


Michael Barbee #12, 8th grade

Team: CEBA 8th

Athletic combo guard that can really score the ball in different ways.  Quick first step allows him to get to the basket and let his athleticism take over from there.  Smooth jumper but needs to be able to shoot off the dribble.  Solid defender with good balance and discipline.  Plays well against pressure, does not get rattled.

Rating: Shooting-3  Dribbling-4 Passing-3 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-4


Dominique Carlucci #45, 8th grade

Team: CEBA 8th

Big strong player that loves to bang down low.  Solid mid-range jumper and can put it on the floor and finish through contact.  Plays with a lot of passion and energy, can see him playing a 3 or stretch 4 in high school.  Needs to develop solid ball handling skills with both hands and be comfortable going to his left.  Any short comings in his game he makes up for with determination and effort.  Fun guy to watch play.

Rating: Shooting-3  Dribbling-3 Passing-3 Defense-4  Court Sense-4 Rebounding-4


Josh Savino #11, 8th grade

Team: CEBA 8th

Smooth shooting wing with potential of being a point guard with improved ball handling.  Quick release on catch and shoot with no wasted movement.  Has good balance on shot and can pull up in traffic.  Thinner guy but does not stop him from banging inside on rebounds, tough kid.  Makes good decisions with the ball and does not try to do too much.  Good team guy, will be a great addition to his high school team.

Rating: Shooting-4  Dribbling-3  Passing-4 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-3


Miles Harris #3, 8th grade

Team: TYO Neptunes

Long lanky wing with solid inside outside game.  Smooth stroke and ability to go inside with his slight stature make him a match up problem.  Handles the ball very well even in traffic, does a good job of getting the ball to a teammate instead of forcing something.  Plays hard but under control but a tough competitor.  Needs to move better without the ball and increase his quickness, which will come in the next couple of years along with strength.  

Rating: Shooting-3 Dribbling-3 Passing-4 Defense-3 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-3


Kareem Best #32, 8th grade

Team: TYO Neptunes

Big strong kid that is really tough around the basket.  Has solid footwork around the basket along with good post moves.  Not afraid of playing against taller opponents by playing smart and not doing too much.  Needs to improve ball handling and mid-range jumper.  

Rating: Shooting-3 Dribbling-2 Passing-3 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-5


Shawn Sims #42, 8th grade

Team: Carolina All Stars

Long lanky wing/post.  Can score in the paint or step out and shoot the 3.  Very athletic and pretty good body control for his 6’3 frame.  Can push the ball in transition but can also get out of control.  Good timing on blocking shots without fouling.  Needs to work on his left hand and going left with the ball.  Takes too many plays off and has a tendency to stand around, this will change in high school.  More consistent effort on both ends, improved ball handling and he will go from a good to great player, he already has the tools.   

Rating: Shooting-3 Dribbling-3 Passing-3 Defense-3 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-4


Sid Scarborough #23, 4th grade

Team: VA Hawks

For a young player Sid has solid mechanics and great court awareness.  He can put it on the floor and finish or pull up and knock down the mid-range jumper.  Great competitor with a non-stop motor.  Is being taught very well and is showing that as he continues to develop will be a force at the higher levels.

Rating: Shooting-3 Dribbling-4 Passing-3 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-4


Markel Townsend #1, 4th grade

Team: Capital City Vipers

Outstanding young player with a tremendous skill set that makes him great already.  Can shoot the 3 pointer, drive and score or hit open teammate.  Is a go to player offensively that can lock you down on defense. Does not play like a 4th grader, could not stop watching him or his team play.  If you get a chance he is a must see player.

Rating:  Shooting-5  Dribbling-5  Passing-4  Defense-4  Court Sense-5  Rebounding-4


Que Williams #4, 2nd grade

Team: All Out

Plays above his age level and still dominates the competition.  Can handle the ball, passes are spot on and has a tremendous basketball IQ.  Ball skills and shooting are way above his age and grade level.  Another must see player, do not let the grade level fool you this kid is a player.

Rating: Shooting-4  Dribbling-5  Passing-5  Defense-4  Court Sense-5  Rebounding-3


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