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Tournament Rules

NYAA Basketball

NYAA Basketball

Phone: 414-203-1438

Tournament Rules




In order for a player to designate themselves from spectators, they must walk into all gym locations wearing their full uniform. Coaches must be wearing their bands at all time. Lost or broken bands will be subject to having to purchase one. We will not replace your bands for any reason. 

Game Lengths 

Two 20 min Halves Running Clock except for the last 2 mins of each half

All halftimes will are 2 minutes

Game Ball 

All Girls will play with a 28.5 Ball 

All Boys 6th grade and under will play with a 28.5 Ball

Boy’s 7th - 12th grade will play with a regulation 29.5 Balls

******All halftimes will are 2 minutes

Home teams versus Guest team distinctions

The team listed first on pool play and the top portion of bracket play will be the home team and wear a white jersey or (light jersey). The home team will sit on the right side of the score table. 

The home team will supply the game .lThe home team will service as the official book and Away team will operate the Game Clock. While operating the clock or working with the score book team administrators must be non-biased and refrain from biased comments.

Free throws
On free throws, players are above the low block and can enter the lane when the shooter releases the ball.

Each team will be awarded 2 Full & 2 Thirty Second Timeouts per game. They may be used at anytime during the game. Each team will be awarded one additional timeout in overtime period played.

Technical Fouls
Each coach or player will be allowed two technical fouls per game. After a second technical foul, players / coach will be ejected from the game. After first technical foul, the coach must remain seated for the duration of the game.

Coaches will be assessed a technical foul if fans are unruly and out of control.  This is the discretion of the referees. Coaches are responsible for their supporters.

Any player or coach receiving an ejection during our tournament is subject to dismissal from the tournament without refund. After, the second technical foul the coach is not allowed to attend any of the gym locations at anytime. If a player, get two technical fouls, he or she will no longer be able to play or sit on the bench with their team. Coaching from the stands will not be tolerated.

Each player will foul out after their fifth fouls.

1. All coaches are responsible for the behavior of their assistant coaches, players and their supporters/spectators.

2. The home team will supply the game ball. Home team will service as the official book and Away team will operate the Game Clock. While operating the clock or working with the score book team administrators must be non-biased and refrain from biased comments.

3. We will enforce a zero tolerance policy of any all inappropriate, violent and aggressive behavior! He or she will be ejected IMMEDIATELY with no refund! AND ARRESTED PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTEND OF THE LAW!!

Player Eligibility

Each coach must bring birth certificates just in case there is a question about a player’s eligibility. If that team cannot produce a birth certificate that player will not be able to continue to play in this tournament. The opposing team that decides to question a player’s eligibility must pay a protest fee of 100.00. If the protest warrants a removal of a player, the protesting team will receive their 100.00 If the protest not valid that team will forfeit the 100.00 protest fee.


AWARDS and recognition

1st  place is recommended to have their team picture with the NYAA banner picture and trophy for social media by the NYAA by the assigned gym monitor. 

Please also feel free to inform the gym monitor of your team (not individual) social media for tagging purposes. 

20 players per class/gender will be selected by NYAA Scouts to titled All American and asked to play in the All American game on May 18th, 2019 in Raleigh, NC. 

The players selected will be notified and contacted through the coach that coached them during the Winter Nationals. 

New Rankings will be released some time in April. 


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