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Tournament Rules

NYAA Basketball

NYAA Basketball

Phone: 414-203-1438

Tournament Rules

The official playing rules will be the national federation of state high school rules for the current year as modified by AAU (stopped clock).






3rd grade 2027

12 mins

3 minutes

4th grade 2026

14 mins

3 minutes

5th grade 2025

14 mins

3 minutes

6th grade 2024

14 mins

3 minutes

7th grade 2023

16 mins

3 minutes

8th grade 2022

16 mins

3 minutes


* All overtimes should be 3 minutes for the first overtime, 2 minutes for the second overtime and 1 minutes for the third overtime (all ages/grades). Any overtime past three overtimes will be given 1 minute on the clock until a winner is determined. All timeouts carry over in all over times.

The official game size basketball for  3rd – 6th grade boys is 28.5.
The official game size basketball for 7th and 8th grade boys is 29.5.
Girls all ages will use a 28.5 ball for the tournament.

Each team will be given three full and two thirty’s for the game.



Each team will be given 5 minutes to warm up and 2 minutes for halftime. (The game time will also be the forfeit

Time allowed. No grace period will be allowed).


Mercy Rule: teams ahead by 20 or more points in the game will result in a running clock. If the lead drops below 20 points normal rules (stopped clock) will resume.


Each team is allowed three coaches and all players free admission.


Teams will shoot one and one on the seventh team foul and two shots (bonus) on the tenth team foul.


Grade/Age Base Competition Rules


3rd grade/9U – AN ATHLETE CAN BE NO OLDER THAN 10 ON AUGUST 31, 2018. - 2009

4th grade/10U – AN ATHLETE CAN BE NO OLDER THAN 11 ON AUGUST 31, 2018. - 2008


5th/grade11U – AN ATHLETE CAN BE NO OLDER THAN 12 ON AUGUST 31, 2018. - 2007

6th grade/12U – AN ATHLETE CAN BE NO OLDER THAN 13 ON AUGUST 31, 2018. - 2006

7th grade/13U – AN ATHLETE CAN BE NO OLDER THAN 14 ON AUGUST 31, 2018. - 2005

8th grade/14U – AN ATHLETE CAN BE NO OLDER THAN 15 ON AUGUST 31, 2018. - 2004


All protest must be submitted in writing before playing a particular team (We will not accept protest after a team loses to a particular team) and accompanied by $100 in cash. The protesting teams $100 will be refunded if the protest is upheld and forfeited if the protest is not upheld. All teams being protested must produce a valid ID card, birth certificate and a current semester report card on demand. Failure to produce ALL documents will result in an automatic player disqualification and the team forfeiting all games the disqualified player participated in. A final decision will be made by the tournament director and will not be subject to any further discussion.