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Q: What are the Criteria for ranking players?

A: Players are ranked based on current ability, athletic ability, basketball skills, basketball IQ, and attitude.

Q: How can I or one of my players get ranked?

A: The easiest way is to compete at national travel team tournaments.  It is much easier for us to get out and see many players at national or regional events rather than seeing just a few at local events.

Q: I am or I know a great player that should be on your ranking report how can I get this player noticed?

A: Please complete our Watch List form, and we will attempt to get one our scouts out to see them play.

Q: How do you all rank teams?

A: Teams our ranked by their performance in regional, national, and local tournaments.  Teams that beat teams during head to head competition will gain a leg up during the ranking process. Participation in NYAA tournaments will boost team rankings with positive showings.

Q: Does NYAA Tournaments Give Awards and Trophies?

A: Yes, We will give Grade level 1st 2nd, and 3rd place team awards, and MVP and All Tournament Teams for each Grade level.

Q: How do I register my team in a NYAA Tournament?

A: Just click on the Tournaments Page and complete the tournament registration form.




NYAA Basketball

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