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NYAA Camp Recap

NYAA Nashville Camp Recap

77 – Ty Price ‘2024 Fundamentally Sound player very aggressive player that plays with zero fear.  Nice mid range game has an ability to attach the basket.

71-Briar Griffin ‘2025 Briar plays very hard and embraces the defensive part of the game. We love his effort and intensity. Will shut you down on D. Also has the ability to get to the basket off the bounce. Solid offensive skills makes him difficult to defend. Top player in his class

25- Jordan Smith ‘2027 Jordan has above average offensive skills, we were impressed by his ability to handle the ball and shoot from the perimeter, create his own quality shot off the bounce.

69- Jacob Neal ‘2023 Jacob is a quality low post player, moves his feet well, has an ability to control the low post. We love his solid post play.

75- Matthew Stokes ‘2023 Tall lanky kid nice athlete can run the floor and is a great shot blocker. When his offensive skills improve to athletic ability.  He will be a major problem

74- Cameron Sparks ‘ 2025 Big kid that is very athletic. His alone will gain him attention, but when you couple that with his skill set he will cause a problem against any team.

23- David King Keary ‘2024 David keeps getting better a very nice shooter that has turned himself into a scorer.  David has developed a super quick 1st step and have developed an ability to make his teammates better.

36- Jaloni Cambridge – ‘2024 The most dominate player at the camp. Jaloni has the skill set of a high school McDonalds All American.  Jaloni is a natural guard can play lead of 2 guard  can score and make players around her better. Enjoys to see teammates success.

33- Lanie Grant – ‘2024 Fisty pg that has no fear super quick guard, will guard any one on the court. She will guard a post or scoring guard but Lanie is a competitor and will compete against the other’s team’s best player regardless to size position etc. Lanie is a winner comparison to Sue Bird

56- Mia Gex ‘2024 Nice size and knows her way on the block. Excellent Rebounder and has the ability to make shots in the low post area.

86- KJ Corley ‘2023 Nice size very active can defend multiple positions. A great athlete and a play maker.

83- Amari Byles ‘2026 Amari has nice size and has the ability to handle and score. Her size advantage and skill set makes her virtually unstoppable.

79 – Heaven Sneed ‘2026 nice size great athletic ability, love her on the ball defense and the ability to finish at the basket. One of the best playmakers at this camp

21- Demarius Simmons ‘2027 nice slick handling ability can make plays for others. A very talented young man.

11- Lincoln Cosby ‘2027 great size has the ability to put the ball on the floor and can also attack the basket.

32- Tony Sheffield ‘2028 quality young player has no fear plays with a lot of passion very quick.  A definite play maker

34- Chris Hicklen ‘2023 quick guard has increased his outside shooting ability, always been a quality floor general. 

1 – Drake Williams ‘2027 nice size kid with quality ball handling skills a very talented player.  Would like to see him make better use of his teammates but definitely a top tier player.

70- Austin Brown ‘2024 a quality guard that knows how to play his role and takeover when need be. Austin seems like the type of teammate everyone would love to play with and every coach would like to coach. Willing to do the dirty work but can also score at a high level.

50- Haylie Adamski ‘2024 Haylie was impressive during this camp. Not a flashy player but plays under great control, makes team better by using her bball IQ to take advantage of the defensive or offensive   arrears of her opponents

2- TJ Dukes ‘2028 quick guard that has the ability to handle with both hands has a great feel for the game at such a young age. The future is very bright for TJ. A top player

19- Jonathan Johnson ‘2027 Nice size kid can score the ball from many different angles. A top play in the class of 2027

10 – Bryce Garnett ‘2027 Very skilled player looks like he has lots of basketball savvy has the ability to score and play defense.

46- Austin Sears ‘2028 Austin has lots of talent he has the ability to create off the dribble and make plays. Hugh upside one of the best players in his class

38- William Harlan ‘2027 Big Body kid will turn head based on his pure size.

91-Jayden Forrest – ‘2023 Jayden always a strong powerful player but now he has increased his guard skills, can now put the ball on the floor also showed an ability to knock down jump shots.  Jayden is in the process of taking his game to an even higher level.

94- Isaiah West – ‘2023 Isaiah’s game is taken off. His ball handling skills has improved , with Isaiah’s length he is able to be a force offensively and defensively.  The quickness, speed, and basketball savvy has made him one of top players in the country.

12- Chris Avery ‘2024 Chris is a solid player good guard with a solid mid range game.

98- Antonio Wilkerson ‘2024 Nice size very quality athlete can play multiple positions just a straight up ball player. His Competitive Spirit is a coaches dream.  As a coach you will go into battle with Antonio on your side any day of the week.


NYAA Showcase Elite Showcase Camp Atlanta GA

Antonio Molder   6th Grade 51

Aggressive player excellent at attacking the basket

very explosive reminds you of a young Russel Westbrook

Ayden Donald   3rd Grade 6

Great player fisty and finish with both hands very

competitive stays aggressive on the floor

Azlyn Hammons   6th Grade 37

A knock down spot up shooter. Finds the open spot on

the floor and a excellent shooter from deep. Nice touch

very solid player 

Braydon Olson   6th Grade 25

Flashy passer great feel for the game has a unique ablity

to find open players. Competive kid lots of upside.

Brooklyn Vick   6th Grade 5

Great player B Vick makes players around him better,

a leader on the floor the deference maker

Bryce Shoto   7th Grade  38

Fisty Scrappy pt guard, very nice player has a knack for

making his teammates better.

Carter Alessi   7th Grade  40

Smart player uses the appropiate angles on defense,

has a very high basketball IQ. A great team player.

Christian Brown   6th Grade 64

Runs the Floor well athletic body type will continue to

get better has a hugh upside.

Clay Robertson   5th Grade 18

Clay's skills continue to get better, he can break down

his defender off the dribble and has no problem finishing

plays by any means necessary

Delvan Gibson   5th Grade 14

Find the right spots on the floor, great at running the floor,

long player for his age

Deondrae Farmer   6th Grade 36

Strong body guard likes to attack the basket and make

plays for his teammates. High Basketball IQ.

Ethan Ward   5th Grade 8

Deceptively quick nice handles high basketball IQ very

good at making his teammates better always looks to

make the highest percentage play.

Derrick Doe   6th Grade 20

Nice Shakes needs to attack faster excellent ball handler,

needs to be a little more decisive when attacking basket

Jareah Branch   6th Grade 54

Great Length good ball handling attacks well. Has the

ability to finish with both hands, needs to develop a

mid range game

Jordan Bell   6th Grade 27

Freethrow shooting champion nice midrange game solid


Joshua Washington   4th Grade 15

Excellent Athletic Needs to be more Aggressive when

he has the ball. Would like to see him attack more.

Josiah Kirby   4th Grade 12

Aggressive Player Excellent on Defense. Will Shut you


Kallie Tinke   7th Grade  34

Kallie continues to increase her skills, she has shown a new

dominate side to her game, very smooth player with no

wasted motion.

Khristian Clark   8th Grade 67

Most Dominate 8th Grader in the class seems to score at

will like to see him challenged more.

Lauren Chavis   4th Grade 28

Athletic and goes to the basket well, always attacking

the D at every opportunity.

Makaen Hastings   7th Grade 45

Nice quick player very good first step makes plays for


and others. Hugh upside would like to see him gain more


Malakai Cuffy   4th Grade 10

Nice Hesitation dribble very deceptive game fundamentally

sound use the triple threat well.

Marian Tremble   6th Grade 29 Attacks the basket well needs to be more aggressive
Meeyah Green   4th Grade 43

One of the best 4th grade girls we have seen she

is very versital and can make plays from any where on the


Myles Mayfield   5th Grade 41

Nice size excellent at moving his feet on defense,

right now he is a tweener but we believe will turn into an

excellent 3

Nikole Thomas   7th Grade  39

Nice touch with both hands, can attack the rim with the

best of them, a difficult player to guard.

Paul Rusinko   5th Grade 56

Awesome size and skill level, May be the best pure Post

player in his class. A load to handle in the low post

virtually unstoppable


Raymond Shakoor Asadi   6th Grade 26 Nice Finisher Best outside shooter at the camp
Makaled McBride    8th Grade 55

Great quickness excellent step back jumper willing

to make plays all the time.

AJ Williams   8th Grade 68

Athletic player with lot of game, excellent at spinning

with the ball reminds you of Earl the Pearl Monroe

Jalin Mikell    8th Grade 54

Good athlete and make plays needs to stay serious

about his game. Hustles well.

Ryan Thomas   8th Grade 30

Excellent player very crafty and tough able to score

on players much bigger outside and in.  Basketball IQ is

through the Roof.

Raylin Grant   6th Grade 24

Highly skilled point guard has an ability to make

people around better. Excellent ball handler

Tiana Amos   7th Grade 31

Tough Player Drives Hard Blocks shots and basically

dominates the game without even scoring however

she is an excellent scorer 

Troy Booker   6th Grade 47

Nice Athlete with a high level jump shot. Very good

elevation on the mid range good at creating his own shot.

Tyler Hughes   6th Grade 21

Runs floor well, always seems to find a way to get open.

Likes to  shoot the floater,  

Tyler Jewell   6th Grade 1

Tough minded guard with lots of defensive intensity.

Plays hard at both end of the court

Zaniyah Williams   4th Grade 2

Drives Hard left and right highly skilled offensive

player smaller in size but much bigger in heart. A hugh


Leslie Black   7th Grade  66

Tall Long, Tim Duncan type, Rebounds extremely

well knows his way around the paint

Tommy Webb   7th Grade  22 Great movement without the ball competitive kid.
Eran Taylor   6th Grade 3

Good 2 guard looks for the open man, needs to play

with more energy on the defensive end of the floor.

Jermiah Gabriel   8th Grade 44

Long rangy kid has the ability to put the ball on the

floor as well as knock down the 3.  Dominate Scorer

Alika Daugherty   6th Grade 19

Runs the floor well very great athlete. Needs to

be more aggressive a big upside

Joie Files   4th Grade 11 Nice Cross over dribble and mid range game 
Camille Files   5th Grade 13

A fierce defender very good athlete nice handles,

and a competitive player.  Make's game winning plays

Shani Clark   5th Grade 42

Athletic player nice size has a quality handle on

the ball. Has a bright upside.

Sariah Ammons   4th Grade 7

Very impressive player she demoralizes the D when

she has the ball in her hands. Impossible to guard one.

A break- out Star

Lindsey Myles   6th Grade 32

Big Body Can Move well. Great on the boards,

Nice under the basket.

Peyton Marshall   6th Grade 59 Dominate Big Player rebounds block shots dominate 
Jakari Harris   6th Grade  

Solid player that is very fundamentally sound, has an

knack for knowing where to be on the floor on both ends. 

Would like to see him be more dominate because he

has the ability to be a dominate force.


NYAA Elite Showcase Camp Nashville TN

Jasiah Cambridge  Class of 2027  Jasiah is a good passer and defends the ball well.

Kavian Bryant   Class of 2027  Kavian is an above average ball handler and shoots the long ball well. Has the ability to make plays for others and is very aggressive when competing against players much older than he is.

Jabria Lindsey – Class of 2026  Jabria handles is great with the ball in her hands.  She finds her team mates when they are in position to score. Jabria has the ability to make players around her better. She shows a competitive desire to shut down her opponent on the defensive of end of the floor.

Tiara Spencer – Class of 2026  Tiara has some ability to play, but needs to be more aggressive on the floor and not be afraid to make mistakes

Treylan Beamer – Class of 2026  Treylan  is very skilled, one of the top players in the class of 2026 great handles.  Has a great basketball IQ, very competitive.  Has very good lateral foot speed and steals the ball from unlikely opponents. Treylan is a player to watch in the future.

London Nelson – Class of 2026  London is a great athlete that needs to be more aggressive on the floor. We would like to see London be more assertive.  If London decides to be more assertive he will be a force to deal with

Jarron Talley-  Class of 2026  Jarron has great handles.  He has a good short range game and can rack up the steals. Jarron has the ability to change the game for his team at both ends of the floor.

Mathew Fletcher – Class of 2026  Mathew handles the ball very well.  He has a decent short range game and cleans the defensive glass. Mathew is an absolute Beast on the boards

Jaylan McMillan  - Class of 2026  Jaylan shot the ball well from short and long distance.  He rebounded the ball well on the defensive side. He also showed a knack to be able to play both ends of the floor.

Michelle Shields – Class of 2025 Michelle is a highly skilled player that has a tremendous upside.  Michelle has a high basketball IQ.  We would like to see Michelle be more aggressive while on the floor.

Ivyonna Thomas – Class of 2025  Ivyonna has a quality short range game.  She passes well and is a decent shot blocker,.She has shown a lot of progress since the last time we have seen her play. Ivyonna continues to get better.

Kaman Rouse – Class of 2025 Kaman did well handling the ball and being able to distribute the ball to teammates.  Would like to see Kaman be more aggressive.

Tanner Bolten – Class of 2025 Tanner proved that he has a nice shot, and shot the ball well from distance.  Tanner has a winner’s personality meaning there is no job to small for Tanner to do.

Madison McNeal – Class of 2024  Madison is a great passer.  Her passes are well timed and very accurate.  She finishes well in the paint. Madison has a high basketball IQ, and is a coach’s dream to coach

Ella Mireya Guerrero – Class of 2024 Ella is a good ball handler with a nice mid and long range game. Ella is a small guard but will pick up size.  She is very feisty and causes problems on the defensive end of the floor.

Abernathy James -Class of 2024  Big guard that Has good court vision and can rebound...  Needs to be more aggressive offensively and trust her shoot.  Big upside

Shinae Howard Johnson- Class of 2024 Shinae is a very quick guard, has the ability to get into the lane and make plays for herself and for her teammates.An excellent passer. She has a great mid range game.

Jaloni Cambridge – Class of 2024 Jaloni is a do everything guard that is more than worthy of her number 1 Class of 2024 ranking. She already has D1 college size for a point guard.  She is aggressive on the defensive end of the floor. We believe her best attribute is her competitive fire.

Alonna Poole – Class 2024 Alonna is a monster on the boards.  She has a decent long range game as well. We love the way she battles at both ends of the floor.

Kyree Christian- Class 2024 Kyree is lightning fast with a great motor.  He is not afraid to attack larger defenders, and also can get into the paint at will.  He is a great passer. Kyree has an ability to breakdown anyone off the bounce.

Gerard O'Keefe – Class of 2024  Gerard has a high basketball IQ, He is a very unselfish player.  Has a nice mid range game.

Evan Gainer – Class of 2024  Evan is a solid player, nice mid range game. Needs to be more aggressive with the ball

DJ Pritchett – Class of 2024 DJ is a solid player with a huge upside.  One of the best pure shooters at the camp.  DJ just needs to be more aggressive, and use his ball handling skills to great his own shot.  If DJ decides to be more aggressive he will be a force that can’t be denied

David King Keary- Class of 2024 David’s game has improved his game and taken it to a higher level. He has shown an ability to take and make big game winning shots.  Also showed a great ability to grasp pick and roll offense.  One of the most impressive aspects of David’s growth and worthy of his top 20 player rankings is his willingness to defend the other team’s top player.

Mia Smith – Class of 2023  Mia handles the ball well.  She is a good all around shooter. Has the ability to be a scorer and create plays. Mia see’s the floor well excellent floor general.

Leila Walden – Class of 2023  Leila is a nice player, gives good effort, has the ability to make plays if left alone.  Would like to see her be more aggressive.

Cori Allen – Class of 2023 Cori has great size and length. She scores very easily makes plays for her teammates, controls the middle of the paint with ease.  She dominates the boards.

Ebony Perry- Class of 2023 Ebony has a smooth stroke with decent range at 15 feet. Will only get better as she continues to grow and get stronger. Great on the offensive boards.

Jailyn Banks- Class of 2023 Jailyn  Deep 2023 class but Jailyn may be the best player, tough competitor excellent point guard, plays with a bounce and lots of confidence. She is a born winner, has the ability to be a game changer.  She is a legitimate Major D1 prospect. College’s better get on her quick. Jailyn will play on the professional level.

Alex Gift – Class of 2023  Alex has a decent mid range game ball handling is getting better has the ability to get to the basket when challenging the defense.

Chloe Clardy – Class of 2023 Chloe is moving into another stratosphere with her game. She has everything you want in a player she can handle, score, takes on toughest defensive assignment, finishes well, makes teammates better and very unselfish.  Chloe has superstar written all over her. Can’t miss major D1 prospect.

Kristen McMillian – Class of 2023 Kristin has a decent long range shot, Nice shot but needs to develop her ball handling skills and ability to create off the bounce

Kamren Edwards – Class of 2023 Kamren plays with a lot of energy and attacks the baskets well.  She also creates a lot of transition plays from her steals. Very quick hands and has a knack for reading the other team’s offensive plays.

Shauna Fletcher – Class of 2023 Shauna is a solid player that does not try to do too much.  Great mid range shooter Need to continue to develop her ball handling skills.

Kallie Tinker – Class of 2023  Kallie Good player with lots of energy.  Decent handles with a nice stroke. Can hit the mid range jumper. Quick first step.

Tyla Tatum – Class of 2023 Tyla has plenty of length, plays long and rebounds well.  She shoots the long range ball well enough to be considered a threat. Big upside.

Hope West- Class of 2023 Hope Is a very solid player that has an ability to rebound, great screener, understands how to play the game. Basketball IQ off the charts.  Not a wow player but gets the job done.  Hope is the type of player that understands roles and can play any role a coach needs.  A winner!! Colleges Do Not Miss this one!!!

Jaylen Jones – Class of 2023  Jaylen played extremely well at the camp was named Boy’s MVP, Jaylen displayed an excellent feel for the game. Excellent basketball IQ, makes teammates better, also can score the ball.  He will continue to grow as a player.

Kevon Hyson – Class of 2023 Kevon has a unique ability to finish through contact even though other players are much bigger. Unselfish player that consistently makes his teammates better.

Ellija Preddy – Class of 2023 Ellija Good player Above average passer nice mid range game

Jayden Forrest- Class of 2023  Jayden is a Top 10 player in the Class of 2023. He has the ability to do multiple things on the court. An excellent rebounder, decent ball handler and an improved 3 point shooter.  Jayden’s best asset is the ability to play multiple positions. Can play 2-5


Victor Howard – Class of 2023 Victor is a good player that has a nice upside. Victor is a very good athlete and has nice upside. Needs to work on his ball handling ability and aggressiveness.

AJ Smalls – Class of 2023  AJ ended up runner up for the MVP Award a top 15 player in his class. His game has taken off to another level.  AJ has the ability to score on anybody, a great long range shooter, nice mid range game, excellent off the dribble attacks the basket well.  Needs to improve his defensive aggressiveness to push into the top 10.

Chris Hicklen – Class of 2023 Chris is a very good point guard, excellent ball handling skills. Chris has the ability to get into the lane and make plays for his teammates. He is very aggressive defender.  Passes with precision and has an excellent long range shot. If Chris can continue to grow, he will be one of the top players in the country, he has all the necessary skills to be elite.

Isaiah West – Class of 2022  Isaiah’s stock is rising, He is an excellent athlete has the ability to score mid range and at the rim.  He also is an excellent rebounder and control the game at both ends of the floor. Isaiah is a legitimate D1 caliber player.

Kennedy Cambridge- Class of 2022 Kennedy has refined handles with great court vision and perfectly timed passes.  She very unselfishly.  She also takes defense very seriously. Kennedy is a Defensive Stopper can guard multiple positions.

Aaliyah Smith – Class of 2022 Aaliyah was names Girls MVP she Aaliyah is a great all around player.  Very polished in all of the areas on offense very competitive and is a shut down defender. Aaliyah is not out there to be friends with anyone she is a killer out there. With a Mamba mentality.

Ryan Thomas – Class of 2022 Ryan is an extremely smart player, extremely high basketball IQ, excellent ballhandler that models his game around making the players around him better. He has a decent long range shot with an even stronger mid to short range game. Ryan needs to grow a little more and will be one of the top players in the class of 2022.

Riley Bolten – Class of 2022  Riley is a tough competitor, plays hard very solid defensive player.

Darius Mitchell – Class of 2022 Darius has a nice mid range/ long rang game. A good athlete that is able to create plays.  A very nice upside.

Tre Rutherford – Class of 2022 Tre is a good defensive player.  Tre doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty gathering rebounds and using quick hands to rack up steals.











NYAA East Super Showcase Recap March 24-26 Atlanta GA

Ja’Kyah Smith – 3rd grade; MC Lady Warriors

Quick little guard that never stops competing.  Gets to the basket with ease and already has 3pt range.  Demonstrates a great understanding of what everyone on the floor is doing and then is able to make the right decision.  Will only get better as she continues to grow.


Keeley Parks – 4th grade, Oklahoma Thunder

Keeley a star in the rising, she has extraordinary basketball IQ, which allows her to be a force playing two years above her grade level.  A dead eye shooter that does have the ability to create her own shot.  Takes pride on the defensive end of the floor which is a coach’s dream.


Addy Whitely – 4th grade; Arkansas Mavericks

Smooth stroke on her shot.  Very high basketball IQ helps her to be a great passer.  Lots of fun watching her play and her team.  Lots of energy and relentless defense.


Kori Sanders – 4th grade; Arkansas Mavericks

Handles ball well while being an above average shooter.  Solid defender with real good hands.  Playing for a great team and coach is paying dividends for her individual game. Lots to like here


Sania Richardson – 4th grade; Arkansas Mavericks

Great shooter with a quick 1st step.  Solid active defender with great instincts.


Aaliyah Chavez – 4th grade; NLMA 2025

Athletic player with lots of energy and a tenacious defender.  Does a great job of anticipating and disrupting the offense.  Makes good decisions and displays a knowledge of the game beyond her experience.  Can make the proper pass or finish at the bucket with consistency, will be fun to watch her continue to get better.


Raniyah Hunt – 4th grade; NLMA 2025

Lightening quick defender that can put it on the floor and go past you.  Needs to add a pull up jumper and reliable 3 pt shot to compliment her quickness.


Brooklyn Vick – 5th grade; V4KWK Wildcats

Can do it all on both ends of the court.  Definitely worthy of his #1 ranking.  Has deep 3 range, can stop and pop, finishes in traffic, excellent  passer and solid defender. Brooklyn has a basketball IQ equal to current professional players.  He is playing chess everyone else is playing checkers.  Probably his best quality is that he makes his teammates better.  Totally unselfish player with a great attitude, very fun to watch him and his team play. Brooklyn was the best player in the tournament regardless of grade.  If Brooklyn continues to grow and naturally mature he will be a Hall of Famer.  The best we have seen!!!


Moe Blackwell – 5th grade; MWA Elite

Lights out shooter with NBA range! Excellent passer and ball handler that needs to add a stop and pop game.  Lots to like about this little guy, definitely plays way bigger than his size!  Has a bright future.


Isaiah Marshall – 5th grade; MWA Elite

Smooth stroke that also takes it strong to the hole.  Finishes well through contact and then makes the defense pay at the free throw line.  Decent ball handler as well.




Travis Perry – 5th grade; V4KWK Wildcats

Travis is a big time player, he has the ability to put the ball on the floor and create for others as well as create for himself.  His size, length and athleticism makes him a nightmare on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.  Travis has the ability to hurt opposing teams in many ways.  One of his best qualities is the fact that every thing he does well gets even better in crunch time. The definition of a Prime Time performer..


Breona Hurd – 5th grade; Arkansas Mavericks

Really like this player, for a young player she possess great skills.  Above average ball handler allows her to lead the break, her athleticism then helps her finish against smaller quicker players.  Has perimeter skills that allows her to play outside and then can take her man off the dribble and finish strong at the basket.  Has the potential to be an elite player if she continues to work on her skills.


Amiya Ware – 5th grade; Carolina Elite

Very quick instinctive player with a high basketball IQ.  Quick 1st step and a relentless rebounder.


Taylor Barner – 5th grade; Carolina Elite

Speedy guard with great decision making skills.  A solid passer, especially in traffic, compliments her scoring ability going to the rim.  Her speed and quickness allows her to blow past any defender. 


Taliah Cornish – 5th grade; Black Diamond Premier 5th

Active point guard with great passing skills.  Quick defender with active hands, offensively does a good job of breaking down the defense and finishing or finding an open teammate.


Renaya Kelly – 6th grade; The Family

Active guard with 3pt range and good ball handling.  Strong finisher at the rim and above average passer.


Aaliyah Henderson – 6th grade; Oklahoma Thunder

Very athletic guard, extremely quick first step makes her almost unstoppable when going to the rim.  Has above average speed even with the ball in her hands which allows her to go coast to coast and finish in transition.  Needs to develop her 3pt shot to make her more dangerous offensively.  Defensively she can guard any position with her athleticism.  Lots of fun to watch, keep an eye on this player ceiling is very high for her.


Nevaeh Farmer – 6th grade; Lady Ballers

Quick point guard with decent handles.  Able to dribble with either hand while playing fast and under control.  Above average passer, strong finisher at the hole that absorbs contact well.  Solid free throw shooter makes the defense pay for fouling her.


Kallie Tinker – 6th grade; MC Lady Warriors

Tough hardnosed point guard.  Above average ball handling skills using either hand.  Solid decision maker that does a good job of making her teammates better players.



Myori Pruitt – 6th grade; GA Hardball

Very quick point guard that sees the floor very well and good passing skills.  Goes hard to the basket and can finish through contact.  Needs a reliable jumper to go with her lightening quick 1st step.  Lots to like about this player.


Kamiah Denson – 6th grade; GA Hardball

Athletic forward with a smooth stroke.  Plays with a lot of energy, good footwork around the basket and reliable ball handling to go with her 3 pt shooting range. 


Jalani Cambridge – 5th grade; The Family

Very athletic guard that lives up to her ranking.  Above average ball handling skills to go along with a very smooth shot.  Can hit a long 3 or pull up and knock down the mid-range shot, finishes well at the rim and isn’t afraid of contact.  At times she can be a lock down defender or will take defensive plays off but that will change as she continues to mature.  Lots to like already and will only continue to get better.


Jalen Banks – 5th grade; The Family

Really like this guard that has a real smooth stroke and can shoot it with range.  Plays with a lot of energy while being a tenacious defender.  Rebounds very well and can also guard any position right now.  Adding a pull up jumper to compliment her 3pt shot and drive will make her a nightmare for defenders.  Keep your eye on this player, fun to watch.


Xamiya Walton – 5th grade; IL-Xcitement

Scrappy little point guard that can shut down her man or go get a rebound.  Can shoot the 3 or take you to the hole and finish through contact.  High energy player that can change the tempo of the game in her teams favor.


Yasmin Allen – 5th grade; AOT

Post player that impacts the game on both ends of the floor.  Strong rebounder and finisher with real solid footwork for her age.  Runs the floor extremely well and finishes around the rim with ease.  Keep an eye on her development, could see her being an inside out threat when she gets older.


Tiani Ellison – 6th grade; Oklahoma Thunder

Tough post player that can guard any position.  Not afraid to get on the floor after a loose ball or go inside and be physical for a rebound.  Finishes well at the rim especially through contact.  Plays hard at all times with a high motor.  A consistent mid-range jumper and improved footwork will take her from good to elite!


Boston Berry – 6th grade; Oklahoma Thunder

Reliable point guard with a high motor and above average ball handler.  Has great control with the ball and makes good decisions under pressure.  Pass first type player but can also knock down shots.  Absorbs contact very well and isn’t afraid of it. 




Madi Hawk – 5th grade; AOT

Highly skilled guard that plays with a high motor.  Possesses a high basketball IQ and very competitive. Can shoot the 3, take it to the basket or stop and pop. Solid defender that knows how to play the angles and stay in proper position.  Not a flashy player but very efficient and skilled in what she does. Worthy of her ranking. A game changer, when her team is behind it becomes (Hawk Time) opposing teams watch out.


Hope West – 6th grade; Alabama Southern Starz

Hope runs the floor well and plays both ends of the court with the same amount of intensity.  Hope has a motor that is second to none.  She will continue to grow as a player. Division 1 Prospect


Shaniah Nunn – 7th/8th grade; Alabama Southern Starz

Solid all around offensive game.  Can shoot with range or get to the basket with her quick 1st step.  Great finisher while absorbing contact well.  Above average ball handling skills.


Caroline Bachus – 7th/8th grade; Alabama Southern Starz

Very mobile post player with great handles and solid defender.  Can lead the break and her athleticism allows her to finish strong at the rim. Legitimate 3pt threat gives her an impressive all around offensive game. 


Chainwe Irondi – 8th grade; Fairfax Stars

Post player with guard skills.  Great footwork around the rim and finishes well through contact.  Solid mid-range jumper compliments her decent ball handling skills.  Passes well and is a good decision maker. She is an enforcer, opposing offensive players beware when entering the paint 


Caitlin Blackman – 8th grade; Fairfax Stars

Very fast point guard with decent ball handling skills.  Solid decision maker that does not try to do too much.  Needs to strengthen her left hand and a reliable 3 pt shot will help stretch the defense and open more lanes.


Madie Krieger – 7th/8th grade; Alabama Southern Starz

Smooth shooter that does not miss much.  Does not take bad shots and knows how to create space to get off her smooth stroke. 


Camille Jackson – 7th/8th grade; Il X-Citement

Strong smooth player that can play multiple positions.  Has decent ball handling skills and does a great job of getting to the rim and finishing.  Active defender that can guard any position.  Very athletic that needs to improve her left had to go from good to great!


Mila Reynolds – 7th/8th grade; Il X-Citement

Post that plays inside or step out and shoot the 3.  Very smart player with good footwork.  Finishes very well around the rim with either hand.  Improved perimeter skills will make her stock soar! Lots to like with this player.


Mya Barnes – 7th/8th grade; Alabama Lady Hoops

Long athletic post player with good footwork and good hands that helps her finish strong around the rim.  Very good shot blocker and solid rebounder, just needs to add a reliable mid-range jumper to round out her solid game.


Ja’den Kilpatrick – 7th NC Wizards

A strong player that finished at the basket strong. Great build and strong hands where nobody can take the ball away from him.


Jack Fry – 6th NYBA

A great shooter has the ability to strength the defense. Also, showed the ability to put the ball on the floor and create plays for others.


Terri Reynolds – 7th The Family

An athletic wing that uses both hands very well. Great motor and can play both inside and out. Makes presence known on both sides of the floor, especially on defense by playing the passing lanes.


David King Keary – 5th Grade NYBA

David  has proven to be one of the best shooters in the class, and showed his ability to be a lock down defender & great finisher at the rim. He saved his best performances against the Best Teams.  Averaged 17pts per game in the semi’s and finals


Dontae Potts- Heard – 5th Grade NYBA

Dontae has a unique skill set that includes the length to drive to the goal with abundance of finishes & affect the game from multiple positions on defense. 


Peyton Marshall – 5th Grade DCA

6’2 has a complete game on both ends of the floor. He is a absolute force in the middle.  He can dominate the game without scoring a point however he scores many points.  Nice Strong Body.  A throwback Big Man.


Katherine Graves – 7th Grade The Family

Athletic wing that does everything well. She can shoot the 3 and handle it, and rebounds well.  Plays both ends with a high motor and very aggressive on the boards.


Zakai Smullen – 4th Grade  DH2B

Zakai is a defensive nightmare for offensive players, very quick and brings an element of toughness to his team.


Dakaria Warren – 3rd Grade Sky’s The Limit

Dakaria can handle and shake you from the outside, and also can take you down in the post and abuse defenders.  He is skilled beyond his years. He definitely is a force in the middle on both ends of the floor.


Jadien Price – 3rd Grade Sky’s the Limit

Quick guard with a nice handle. Makes several good decisions with ball. Jadien the understands the fundamental aspects of being a point guard. You can tell he have coached very well. He also shows that Big City toughness that all coaches love.  This kid will be a serious player in the future.  He has Heart!!


Kelby Patrick Jr – 3rd Grade North Mississippi Warriors

Kelby, is a great scorer that has a knack for putting the ball in the basket. He has ability to score in multiple fashions.  He also gives great effort on the defensive said of the ball.  Bright future.


Jerdarrian Davison7th Grade Atlanta Cavs  

Penetrates aggressively to the basket.  Finishes well, even in traffic.  Good shooter.  Keeps the defense honest by using long range shooting.  Handles the ball very well, unselfish passer with excellent court vision.



Jalen Carruth – 7th Grade Atlanta Cavs  

Very long defensively.  Foot speed with length causes match up issues on both ends of the floor.  Can shoot and hit the 3-point shot.



Tyce Glover – 6th Queen City Ballers

Quick off the dribble and a crafty scorer.  Looks to push the ball. Attacks the defense with a relentless fashion.



Elijah Taylor –  6th Grade Queen City Ballers

Tall, strong shot blocker. Rebounds on both ends of the floor. Elijah is an intimating force in the middle.



Jacob Daniels – 4th Grade Five Stars

Scorers mentality. Good Defender. Handles the ball well with the ability to make plays.


Jordan Bellamy – 4th Grade Five Stars

Large but mobile frame.  Good rebounder. Has an ability to use his body to make plays.


Bryson Warren – 6th Grade NYBA

Bryson is a Big Time performer .  Bryson averaged over 20 points a game in the semi’s and finals. Bryson has a knack for putting the ball in the hole.  He is a competitor that plays both ends of the floor.


Jaylan Harvey6th Grade NYBA

Jaylan had a great tournament, he showed that he has the ability to play with and dominate anyone in the country. J. Harvey is developing into one of the premiere bigs in the Nation.  His overall skill development has allowed him to play on the wing & band with the best on the inside with his 6’1 frame.  He is a walking double double every time he steps on the court.


Isaiah West – 6th Grade NYBA

Isaiah  is a 6’1 athletic freak.  Can impact the game on both offense & defense, and his wing skill set allows him to put defenders at a consistent disadvantage. 


Marcel Reed – 6th Grade Tennessee Connection

Marcel has a high basketball IQ, goes to the hole at will, can shoot the 3 and has a mid range game. He plays the point leads the team in almost every category.  Marcel also can guard positions 1-4.  21 pts 8 rebs, 7ast


DeAndre Brown – 6th Grade Tennessee Connection

DeAndre is small but has a big heart. One of the best shooters at the Tournament. He is lightning quick and is a problem on defense.  Ball handlers beware.  He is a ball hawk.


Isaiah Divens – 6th Grade Tennessee Connection

Isaiah likes to attack the basket.  He has a nice floater which allows him to finish in traffic against bigger taller players. Isaiah has no fear plays with relentless abandonment. 







NYAA Atlanta Camp Scouting Report

NYAA Atlanta Camp Recap


2026   Joie Files - Very quick and aggressive player, good ball handling skills Joie’s future is very bright.

2025  Jaylon Seymour - Very quick and fast player able to play with players above his grade level.  Has a very large upside.

2025   Jada Harvey- Nice size can run the floor and finishes well at the basket.

2025   Indigo Brown- Has nice size can play with a higher age group. Very competitive kid bright future.

2025   Julia Johnson - Advanced player can handle with both hands see’s the floor well, tough on Defense very smart player.

2025    Ivyonna Thomas - A dominate player great size and athleticism allows her to dominate games. Ivyonna is a difference maker.

2025  Clarence Williams III -Good Athlete, has great basketball knowledge of the game very quick player

2025   Jareah Branch- Nice size, runs the floor like a smaller guard, very long, very athletic, High Basketball IQ,  understands help side defense, well above average shot blocker.

2025   Zataria Elder -Quick, very good athlete, great on defense, has a knack for the ball. Great feel for the game

2025   Camille Files -Great floor general, good guard great ball handling skills solid player likes to go basket hard nose on defense.

2024   Ricky McKenzie -Great shooter Ray Allen type takes pride in his offensive game. Ricky also takes pride in his defense.  A competitive young man, huge upside.

2024   Evan Taylor-  Evan is a good ball handler, can drive the ball but need s to be more aggressive

2024   Nia Booker  - Nia is a solid player very smart bball IQ, good ball handling skills deceptively quick great play maker. Great defense. Nia will be a Star.

2024   Davion Massey - Davion is a solid athlete that loves to play the game.  Needs to be more aggressive with the ball.

2024   Precious Bentford -Great size a dominate player when motivated, Precious can and will dominate high bball IQ a future star. She must continue to push herself.

2024    Jaiden Hill - Long Athletic finished well at the basket, greta shot blocker high bball IQ

2024   Lindsay Miles -Great shot blocker runs floor high bball IQ really understands help side defense. Lindsay has a great ability to defend multiple positions.

2024   Randria Wilcher  -Hard nose coaches dream to coach. Can handle the ball well loves to create off the dribble her best asset is her on the ball defense.

2024   Amiya Redus -Aggressive player can finish with both hands, very quick first step. Amiya understands the game at a higher level moves well off the ball. Has the ability to make her teammates better.  Amiya has a very bright future.

2023   Cole Becker  -Cole has a nice outside shot, needs to put the ball on the floor and create his own shot.  A legit pure shooter.

2023   AJ Smalls -AJ has a great bball IQ, has the ability to handle well, great outside shooter, solid on ball defender.  Has a great ability to manipulate ball screens.

2023   Tahlia    Hollis - Tough player loves to drive, has no fear of contact a player that make things happen for herself and teammates.

2023   Eleecia Carter - Eleecia is an excellent shooter has no problem playing up on a higher grade level. Very smooth player that can defend multiple positions.

2023    Hope West - Hope has nice size a very competitive player, high bball IQ moves well without the ball.  Hope can play multiple positions.  A coaches dream has an ability to make teammates better.  Hope is a winner.

2023   Camryn Berry - Good Athlete plays hard on both ends of the floor.  Would like to see Camryn be more aggressive on the floor.

2023    Jada Williams  -Solid point guard with quality ball handling skills. Jada’s best quality is her ability to lead and direct a team. Jada is the type of player every winning team has.  Makes her teammates better.

2023    Nyla Grace Collier - Nyla is a quality player has the ability to score in a multitude of facets.  Would like to see her be more aggressive.  Nyla performs well under pressure.

2022     Ryan Thomas- Ryan is small in statue but plays well beyond his size.  Ryan one of the most craftiest players we have seen. His skill set, ability, IQ, is far more advanced beyond his years.  Ryan is a legit D1 prospect.

2022     Tamia Smith - Tamia is a good shooter that showed the ability to put the ball on the floor.

2023    Semya McCree -Tough player, finishes well around the basket. Solid tenuous rebounder doesn’t mind contact.

2022    Zoey Mckickens - Very fast athletic player, makes lots of plays using her athletic ability. Zoey, is a very strong defensive player.

2022     Marya Hudgins - Very High Bball IQ, which allows Marya to make the highest percentage play every time down the floor.

2022     Simone Lett -Great size, has a knack to play in the post. Simone uses her body well to create space.  A tenuous rebounder, bright future.

2022     Jukanie Washington - Can get to the basket and finishes well. Nice ball handing skills . Can create her shot.  High upside.

2021    William Freeman -William is a dominate player that is very athletic has the ability to run the 3,4, or 5. Very strong beyond his age.  A major factor at both ends of the floor.

2021    Javelyn Lewis  -Javelyn is a very hard nose player, has the ability to do any thing a coach needs on the floor.  Definitely  a coaches dream High bball IG a winner.

2021    Dwayne Moore -Great Athlete has the highest vertical leap at the camp.  Runs the floor well plays well above the rim

2021     Craig Carwise- Lefty with a quick 1st step and has no problems getting by the first defender. A very quality wing player needs to get stronger and more aggressive.

2021     Chris Jordan Lanns - Good pg has a knack to get to the basket and create for others.  Has nice size and great ball Handling skills extremely high B-ball IQ

2019     Jordan Tuff - Jordan a Legitimate D1 2 guard has the ability to finish at the basket and from distance.  Jordan is a quality 3pt shooter. High Bball IQ allows her to keep her teammates involved even when she was taking over the game.

2025    Akilah Shelton - Nice shooter very young player competitive, great upside very bright future.

2024   Jayla Bennett  - Jayla is a Monster!!! She is a great on ball defender. Jayla strikes fear in the opposing ball handlers.  On offense she see’s the floor well, and lightning quick. Can’t wait until see her mature.

2024     Taliah  Corrish -Good shooter likes to lead on the court, natural leader.

2026    Cayden Carnish - Plays bigger than her size very tough player and solid on defense. Cayden is very competitive, look forward to her maturing.

2024     David Keary - Great guard that has a high IQ, as a pg has the ability to score in various ways. Can shoot the three, nice mid range game, doesn’t have a problem finishing over bigger players. Embraces leadership roles on the court.

2023     Jaylen Harvey - Great size, a strong forward, can run the floor well, a monster on the boards.  A great upside.

2024     Dontae Potts-Heard - Great shooter able to play with boys a lot older and bigger.  Dontee plays with confidence has the ability to do many things on the floor at a high level.  He is great teammate willing to make his teammates better.

2021   Raegyn Conley  - One of the best players at the camp.  Very long and athletic has a nice floor game.  Raegyn has the ability to handle, has a nice mid range game, and an incredible 1st step.  Raegyn is a legitimate Major D1 player.  

NYAA Indianapolis Camp Report

Kaleigh Addie  Class of 2022 – Super fast the best athlete at the camp defense is her forte. Has the ability to find the ball. Has an extraordinary quick first step.

Zakia Rasheed Class of 2021 – Zakia is a silky smooth fluid athlete, she has the size close at 6’0 foot tall gives her the ability to do anything on the basketball court.  Can defend any position on the court. Has an ability to score at will.  A major D1 prospect.

Lauren Reed Class of 2020- Lauren, very nice strong physical body, gives her the ability to physically get to any where she wants on the court.  Lauren was named MOP at the camp. Has a nice handle on the ball also has no problem being vocal on the floor.

Katie Ambrose Class of 2021 – Katie, is a knock down shooter that has the ability to put the ball on the floor when needed.  A very high basketball IQ, which allows her to almost always makes the highest percentage play.

Haylee Adamski  Class of 2025 – Haylee, to be in only the 4th grade showed that she has superior basketball knowledge.  Although she played mostly with a group where she didn’t touch the ball much, she was able to read the defense, be in the correct position and also made the most out of her opportunities.

Brittany Davis  Class of 2020 – Brittany has a very high motor, an absolute floor leader at the highest degree. She is very vocal on both ends of the floor. Brittany has nice ball handling skills, and doesn’t turn the ball over.  She also is fearless when attaching the basket. A Major D1 prospect.

Amaya Curry  Class of 2023 – Silky Smooth Athlete, that can play.  She has the uncanny ability to attack the basket and is a well above average finisher.  Amaya Dominated her grade level and showed a unique ability to play with the older group and did more than hold her own.  Amaya’s upside is extremely high. If she continues to improve her outside shooting game she will easily be a Major D1 prospect.

Chazadi Wright Class of 2024 – Lightning Fast point guard, controls the ball at very fast speeds.  Thrives in transition.  Chazadi is a defensive diamond, she can steal the ball at the drop of dime.  Her change of speed dribble is almost impossible to guard.

Malia Haney Class of 2024 -  Malia a very quick guard, very good decision maker, rarely turns the ball over.  Malia is the definition of a floor general. As a point guard she understands her role and plays it very well. Very solid Defensive player.

Jaloni Cambridge Class of 2024 – Jaloni is the best player we have seen in the class of 2024 named MOP of the camp.  Jaloni demoralizes the defense every time she touches the ball.  Women’s basketball has not yet seen a player of this magnitude. The best way to describe is a mix between Chris Paul and Allen Iverson she is impossible to guard one on one.. Jaloni is a special player that and embraces the challenge within all phrases of the game. A Major D1 prospect

Kennedy Cambridge Class of 2022 – Kennedy is a very nice, smooth, fluent athlete.  Kennedy is at her best in transition, and also a lock down defensive stopper. Kennedy’s also has a quality mid range game. She the type of player every successful team needs.

Tasia Johnson Class of 2022 – Tasia is a star. She is very athletic can handle, also embraces being a lock down defender.  With that being said her best quality is the ability to shoot the ball.  She had 17 3pters in an AAU game and tallied a total of over 50 pts.  Major D1 Prospect


Madison McNeal Class of 2024 – Madison likes to attack the basket and create for herself and others. She is able to continuously draw fouls on defending players.  Is an excellent on ball defender.

Cleo Johnson Class of 2024 – Cleo is a quality defender very aggressive on defense thrives in an open court game.

Cornelia Ellington Class of 2025 – Tough minded guard, very competitive, great defender enjoys causing havoc on the defensive end of the floor.

Frankie Payne Class of 2024– Tough player, very smart IQ, Nice under the basket; loves to drive the ball to the basket.

Randria Wilcher Class of 2024– Can get to the basket and finishes well at the rim.  Nice ball handling skills, a shot creator.

Jania Akins Class of 2024– Floor leader, has a knack for findings ball, Jania demands respect on the court, Jania is a natural leader on the floor.

Precious Buford Class of 2024 – Nice size, very athletic, can rebound when motivated, has an ability to dominate when motivated.

Camille Files Class of 2025- Camille, is a very team oriented player, she loves to make her teammates better.  A very coachable kid.  She has a bright upside will keep an eye on her in the future.

Tatum Brown Class of 2024 – Aggressive with the ball, likes to attack the basket.  Has an ability to draw fouls.

Nicole Melious Class of 2023 – Nicole has an ability to play on a higher level than most.  She is a complete player has the ability to play 2 and 3 years above her age group. Nicole has an all around game that draws comparisons to Diana Taurasi.

Sanaa Tripp Class of 2024 - Combo guard decent handles can finish at the rim with both hands. Has a nice upside but needs to be more assertive.

Sonovia Reynolds Class of 2025 - Can physically get any where she wants on the court. Has nice handle. Needs to be more assertive.

Chase James  Class of 2024 – Outstanding All Around guard very good handles, great shooter off the dribble,  nice mid range game, has competitive fire.  Huge upside. Major D1 prospect

Clay Robertson Class of 2025 – Competitive player, nice 3pt shot and mid range shot.  A player to watch in the future.

Cooper Jarvis  Class of 2021 - Cooper is a legit post player with a variety of quality post moves.  Cooper has the ability to score with both hand at the basket.  If Cooper continues to grow in which he should, he will be a legit D1 prospect.