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NYAA Basketball Tournament League

NYAA Classes 2020-2025 Basketball Championships League

NYAA Basketball Championships

This is an Open League!!!!

One of the stalwarts of the youth basketball community will take another step forward this year when the Naismith National Youth All American Basketball League will make its debut. The league will feature 32 elite teams in each Classification group, 2020-2025 for boys and girls. The best of the best will compete throughout the season, with the League crowning its NYAA National Champion at the NYAA National Championship Tournament in June.

Each team in the NYAA Basketball League will play three regular season conference games and one non -conference game during the NYAA Tournament. Based on their conference record these teams will determine their seeding for the BIG DANCE NYAA National Championships Tournament. League Games will be played in Raleigh NC, and Stockton CA.  

The Naismith National Youth All American Report where tomorrows stars are discovered today. Our 2019 top players have been featured on ESPN, GQ, Max Preps and many other national publications. NYAA serves as a bridge from youth stars to highly touted prep recruits.

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Battle of The Basketball Titans Recap

12/07/2017, 10:30pm EST
By NYAA Basketball

Day 1



The Nashville Cobras & Clarksville Crossovers look to be heading for a collision course in the Championship game, with both going 2-0 in pool play.  Both looked good, but the Crossovers look especially impressive in pool play.



Some heavyweight blows have been thrown in this division.  Nationally Ranked NYBA ELITE has looked very strong in pool play led by several Nationally ranked players.  New to the 2026 scene WACG has a very talented team with Nationally ranked players from Chattanooga, Kentucky, Memphis, & Alabama.  They advanced undefeated in pool play after a come from behind win against the 2016 BOT champs KY Warriors. 


5th- Top 10 Nationally Ranked SEMO Blazers have shown why they are among the Nation’s best.   They have looked good in pool play cruising to 26 & 25 point victories against solid competition.  NYBA ELITE advanced to bracket with a 2-0 record as well, courtesy of an exciting come from behind win against Memphis United Heat.  Memphis Basketball Association went 1-1 with a close victory over RSD.



WACG is on the 2024 scene now and making a statement so far.   They advance in pool play to 2-0 with a pair of 30 point wins.  Team A.O.B. out of Alabama finished 1-1 in pool play with a win over the Cascade Champions. 



NYBA SELECT has looked impressive.  Made up of mostly 6th graders the group finished pool play 2-0.  Flight Boyz out of Nashville finished 1-1 with a 10 point win over Tennessee Sting.   





Day 2



The championship game set up as predicted.  Despite a Great effort from a very scrappy group of NYBA ELITE 2028 2nd graders vs. Clarksville Crossovers in semifinals.  The Crossovers went on to take the win and advance despite a close 2 point halftime game.  In the Championship, it was a great back and fourth battle with the as predicted Nashville Cobras.  It took a last minute three-point basket from Division MVP Shawn Peterson to put them over top.



Some great competition in this division.  In the Semifinals, NYBA ELITE cruised to a big win vs. Memphis Heat United.  WACG was in a battle with KY Warriors, but ended up winning the game, beating the defending champs twice in 2 days.  The Championship game between WACG & NYBA ELITE was intense & entertaining.  NYBA ELITE jumped out to the early lead and had the gym rocking.  WACG fought back and ended the half on a half court buzzer beater from AL native & division MVP Colben Landrews to go ahead.  Landrews led the game with 17 pts and carried WACG to a narrow victory.  Great action from start to finish. 



This division set up some great Semifinal contests.  In the first Top 10 Nationally ranked SEMO Blazers squared off with Memphis United Heat.  This game turned out to be much better than anticipated.  The game was close throughout with Memphis taking a 1 point lead into the 4th quarter.  However, SEMO turned it on and went on to win by double digits.  In the other semifinal game NYBA ELITE took on Memphis Basketball Association who had added a couple of nationally ranked players.  This game was a nail biter as well.  The 2 heavyweights exchanged blows throughout the game and ended up playing into Overtime.  In overtime, NYBA ELITE got the first basket and never looked back & won the game.  In the Championship game SEMO showed it’s dominance by jumping out to a 14point lead.  NYBA ELITE fought back and actually outscored SEMO in the final 3 quarters, but were unable to complete the comeback and lost by 12 points.  TJ Farmer was named the MVP of the division. 



WACG took this division easily as most 6th grade teams have players in school ball.  The North Alabama Warriors vs. AOB out of Alabama was a good semifinal game with North Alabama finishing on top.  WACG went on to beat North Alabama in the Championship by double digits. 



NYBA SELECT had little competition in this division. Comprised of mostly 6th graders from the ELITE team, the team took the championship cruising to 50 & 25 point wins in the semifinals & championship. 

NYAA Elite Showcase Camp Recap Charlotte NC

05/26/2017, 12:45pm EDT
By NYAA Basketball - Lisa Carter

Jaida McClure – 3rd grade

Active player that has a high basketball IQ.  She can rebound and finish well at the basket.  Can see that she is working on her game consistently.  Will only get better as she continues to grow and develop.  Decent handles and passing ability.


Jurnee Warner – 3rd grade

Active quick player.  Decent handles with a smooth stroke.  Solid defender with a high basketball IQ. 


Ja’Kyah Smith – 3rd grade

Quick player with decent handles.  Has 3 point range and finishes strong at the basket.  Very active defender, with her quickness allows her to be very disruptive. Need to develop her weak hand.


Ta’Fire Vines – 3rd grade

Solid player with a solid mid-range shot.  Good decision maker and very competitive. Fire is very quick and is a natural floor leader.  She has an Allen Iverson quality that makes her extremely difficult to guard.


Aiden Smalls – 3rd grade

Unassuming player that has skills that exceed his grade level.  Can shoot the 3 with range, above average ball handling and solid decision maker above average defender.  Keep an eye on his development, solid athlete.


Kinley Painter – 4th grade

This player is a little fireball that plays with zero fear even against bigger older players.  Can shoot 3 consistently, hit the mid-range jumper and a solid decision maker.  High basketball IQ and skill set that makes her tough to defend.  Fun player to watch.


Aubrey Oliver – 4th grade

Decent shooter with good handles.  Plays hard on both ends of the floor.  Solid skills that will continue to get better as she continues to grow. 


Jeryn Thomas – 4th grade

High energy player that has a nose for the ball.  Quick first step and active defender.  Can finish at the basket very well.  Plays with a lot of Heart and effort.  Needs to add a consistent 3 point shot.


Clay Robertson – 4th grade

Tough competitor with a high basketball IQ.  Can hurt you with his shooting from anywhere on the floor.  Above average passer allows him to be a good team player as well.  Lots to like about this young player that is only getting better.





Chandler Mabry – 4th grade

Active player with decent over all skills.  Can shoot 3 and mid-range, needs to develop them to be more reliable to stretch the defense.  Takes the ball strong to the basket and finishes well.  Skills will improve as he continues to develop.


Amiya Redus – 5th grade

This is a good player that keeps getting better. Solid handles and a high basketball IQ.  Needs a consistent jumper to keep the defense on their heels.


Taelar Felton – 5th grader

Above average quickness solid handles.  Can take you off the dribble with her quickness and finishes well at the rim.  Can shoot the 3 but needs it to be more consistent, which will happen as she continues to develop her quickness is a problem for defenders she is impossible to stay in front of.


Jayla Turner – 5th grade

Player is very fast both with the ball and without.  Strong defender with good hands, and an active rebounder.  Plays strong and has decent handles.  Needs to develop a consistent jumper mid-ranges.


Paris Bradley – 5th grade

Solid player that never stops competing.  Good instincts and solid team player that can shoot it well but needs consistency from 15 feet and in.  Decent handles help her handle pressure in the full court and transition. 


Madi Hawk – 5th grade

Solid player with strong overall skills and team player.  Can shoot with 3 point range, strong ball handling with both hands and great decision maker.  Will make a great floor general when she gets older.  Smooth consistent stroke compliments her ball handling very well.  Lots to like with this player.


Morgan Pride – 5th grade

Good rebounder that finishes well around the basket.  Needs to strengthen her weak hand and add a consistent mid-range shot to compliment her game off the dribble.


Angel Martin – 5th grade

Great team player that will fit in great with any team.  Can shoot it well and a tough rebounder.  Needs to improve decision making, but that will come with increased experience.  Lots of upside here.


Santiago Loya – 5th grade

Solid defender with good handles.  Good shooter that does not try to do too much.  Active hands on defense and good instincts help him get lots of steals.


Jack Beckett – 5th grade

Solid all-around player with a nice smooth shot.  Can shoot the 3 or pull up and hit mid-range jumper.  High basketball IQ helps him be a very good defender.


Jake Pate – 5th grade

High energy player that is super quick with the ball.  Don’t let his size full you he can get it done off the dribble or knocking down the mid-jumper.  Tough defender that plays with no fear.  Jake is a very consistent three point shooter, turned many heads.


James Livingston – 5th grade

Long lanky player that has good all-around skills.  Athletic with decent handles, needs to strengthen his week hand and develop a consistent mid-range jumper. Competes hard on both ends, rebounds and finishes well around the rim.


Erik Saldana – 5th grade

Smart smooth player,  High basketball IQ to go along with a great offensive game.  Can shoot a consistent 3 and is lights out from 15 feet and in.  Does not force shots and makes good passes and decisions.  Lots of upside for this young guy.


Mathew Biache – 5th grade

Scrappy wing player with lots of hustle.  Strong rebounder and passer, has a smooth stroke.  Just needs to keep working on mid-range jumper.


T’sion Brown – 5th grade

Quick point guard.  Great Hard Nose defender with good lateral movement. Offensive players show fear when T’sion is guarding them. Does a great job of getting in the passing lanes.  Decent ball handling, needs to develop his weak hand.  Has 3 point range needs to develop consistency.


Derice Pritchett – 5th grade

Solid point guard skills with good handles.  Coachable player that stroke it from 3 or take it to the basket and finish. Derice is a silent killer, his 3 point shot is money.  Needs to be more aggressive thou.  Keep working on his shot off the dribble game will help his stock soar.


Kristen McMillian – 6th grade

Tall post with great balance and footwork.  Has a smooth stroke with decent range at 15 feet.  Will only get better as she continues to grow and get stronger physically.  Keep a close eye on this player.


Kynnedi Davis – 6th grade

Greater shooter off the dribble.  Solid handles and control, absorbs contact very well and isn’t afraid of it.  Above average defender and speed with great instincts.  Has a respectable 3 point shot that stretches the defense.  Just as fast with the ball as she is without it.  Big upside for this youngster!


Kamora Cannie – 6th grade

Hi energy player that does not slow down.  Quick first step helps her get past any defender and finishes well at the basket.  Smooth stroke from the perimeter; addition of a consistent pull up jumper will make her stock rise quickly.  A solid tough defender with good mechanics and instincts.


Chloe Clardy – 6th grade

This is a player to watch, she has size and skill.  Above average ball handling skills and decision making.  She is high school ready right now and has a high school build.  Can shoot the 3 respectively, finishes strong through contact.  As good as she is scoring the ball she is equally good at sharing it with her teammates.  Keep an eye on her


Reniya Kelly – 6th grade

Another tough high energy player that competes hard on both ends of the floor.  Can shoot the 3 with range, strong ball handling allows her to create her own shot.  Strong finishing moves at the rim to go along with a lightening quick first step makes her very fun to watch.  As she continues to learn to read defenders she will be that much harder to defend.  She is flying up the rankings!


Loren Nelson – 6th grade

Tall lanky wing with lots of athleticism.  Active rebounder and defender, does a great job of getting in the passing lanes.  Streaky shooter with a smooth stroke.  Lots of potential here


Leah Sutton – 6th grade

Strong defender with lots of speed.  Decent ball handling skills, needs to strengthen weak hand.  Continue to develop mid-range jumper.


Madison Booker – 6th grade

Long athletic player that rebounds well.  Decent handles and passes well.  A raw talent that is going to get even better as she continues to grow.


Angelina Kouchis – 6th grade

Guard with good ball handling skills.  Nice shot needs to develop her shot off the dribble.  Good decision maker.


Devon Sheppard – 6th grade

Tough competitor with a smooth shot.  Has decent handles but good finishing moves at the basket.  Has 3 point range and a solid decision maker.  Continue to work on ball handling with both hands.


Roddy Gaymon – 6th grade

Tough player in a very deep 6th grade class.  Has solid ball handling skills and does not shy away from bigger players.  Very coachable and a quick study.  Lots of fun watching this player. 


Jayden Forrest – 6th grade

This is a big strong player that can finish at the rim or hurt you from 3.  Really nice smooth stroke that is a bit streaky right now.  Great teammate and solid person, is coachable and loves to compete.  Ball handling is decent and is a good passer.  6th grader in a high schoolers body that will only get better.


AJ Smalls – 6th grade

Silky smooth shooter with a high basketball IQ.  Can go by you with a quick first step and has unlimited shooting range.  Can get hot in a hurry from the perimeter.  Nice bounce to this young man, has the unique ability to shoot from distance with both hands.. The Sky is the limit.


Kevon Hyson – 6th grade

Athletic scorer with high basketball IQ.  Can finish through contact or make the correct pass.  Unselfish player that is also a good teammate and very coachable.  Lots to like here.


Lawrence Cole – 6th grade

Fast athletic player with lots of energy.  Great rebounder with a silky smooth shot.  Can shoot off the dribble or knock down the 3.  Lots of upside with this player.  Needs to sharpen up his ball handling to see his stock go way up.


Katie Ambrose – 7th grade

Solid smooth player that does not try to do too much.  Great shooter from 3 or mid-range.  Decent handles allows her to play the point as well as the 2 and does a great job of making the right decisions.  Extremely fast baseline to baseline and a high basketball IQ.  Don’t sleep on this kid.


Karley Johnson – 7th grade

Strong athletic player that can play multiple positions.  She can run the point, play the wing or post on the block.  Has consistent 3 point range and respectable from mid-range.  Unselfish player that keeps her teammates involved.  Karley is a sure Major D1 Talent.  Keep close eye on this player.


Jadien Thomas – 7th grade

Smooth player with a big upside.  Above average passer that can also hurt you with her mid-range jumper.  Does not shy away from contact and finishes well with contact, Jadien has a unique leadership quality that is unteachable.  Will be a great addition to any team.


Samiyah Smith – 7th grade

Good player with lots of energy.  Decent handles with a nice stroke.  Can hit the 3 and mid-range jumper.  Quick first step is a good compliment to her jump shot. 


Carrigan Hill – 7th grade

Player has a consistent mid-range jump shot to go along with her ability to get to the basket and finish.  Needs to continue to develop her ball handling skills.  Has 3 point range that is getting better.


Annaliesa Griffen – 8th grade

Tall athletic post player that is not afraid to shoot the 3 and knock it down.  Solid rebounder on both ends of the floor.  Can put the ball on the floor around the rim with efficiency.  Can see this player works hard on her game.  Big upside for her.


Jamaria Turner – 8th grade

Lots to like about this player.  Tough competitor with a quick first step.  Super athletic that can shoot both the 3 and mid-range jumper respectively.  Needs to get better using both hands when handling the ball.  Has potential to be an elite player very soon.



Masai Troutman – 8th grade

Athletic player with a high motor.  Goes hard to the basket and finishes through contact.  Needs a mid-range jumper to keep the defense on their toes.  Needs to keep working on perimeter skills to make stock soar.


Patrizio Loya – 8th grade

Quick smart player with a high motor.  Great shooter from mid and 3 point range.  Tough rebounder on both ends of the floor.  Needs to sharpen up his ball handling to make him harder to defend.  Has lots of potential and could be a star at the next level with solid work this summer.


Nathaniel Biache – 8th grade

Smooth stroke that can hit any shot.  Plays hard and makes good decisions with the ball.  Needs to strengthen ball handling skills to climb even higher up the rankings and keep defenses guessing.


Max Freishtat – 8th grade

Big strong rebounder that can finish through contact.  Streaky shooter right now but has a nice stroke.  Continue to work on shot and ball handling.  Big upside


David Dominique – 8th grade

Strong powerful player with lots of raw skill that thrives on contact around the rim.  If left open will hurt you from 3 or will take you off the dribble and finish well around the rim.  Needs to improve ball handling and moving without the ball.  Continue to sharpen skills and stock will go through the roof.




Patrick Ngongba #4 Ranked Class of 2024

12/20/2016, 9:30pm EST
By NYAA Basketball

Patrick Ngongba is Currently Ranked #4 Class of 2024. Patrick is the perfect combination of skill, size and athleticism.  Patrick is easily the best big man in the class. Patrick is a Monster on both ends of the floor, what separates him from most is the ability to be a game changer.  On the defensive end of the court he is a shot blocker and tenacious rebounder.  On the offensive end he is skilled way beyond his years.  One of the view young players that embraces playing with his back to the basket but also can stretch the defense with quality ball handing and outside shooting skills.  Patrick's skill is definitely in the genes, with a father that was a 6'8 stand-out at George Washington and a mother that stands 6'4 tall.  The Sky is limit for young Patrick.

Player Spotlight Jaloni Cambridge Class of 2024

08/21/2016, 5:45pm EDT
By NYAA Basketball

Jaloni Cambridge Class of 2024 is the Number 1 ranked player in the class.  The NYAA class of 2024 is very top heavy with a plethora of talent. Jaloni is one of a kind. Her uncanny ability to get anywhere she wants on the basketball court makes her virtually un-guardable.  She also has a competitive fire that allows her to almost always one up her opponents. Jaloni’s skill and competitive fire probably comes from within; but could very well come from her father Desmond.  Desmond Cambridge was a very talented stand- out point guard from Alabama A&M.   The elder Cambridge set the NCAA Division 1 single season steal record.  In Jaloni’s, case the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Jaloni is a major D1 prospect; we look forward to watching her career progress.

NYAA Indianapolis Camp Report

08/17/2016, 10:00am EDT
By NYAA Basketball

Kaleigh Addie  Class of 2022 – Super fast the best athlete at the camp defense is her forte. Has the ability to find the ball. Has an extraordinary quick first step.

Zakia Rasheed Class of 2021 – Zakia is a silky smooth fluid athlete, she has the size close at 6’0 foot tall gives her the ability to do anything on the basketball court.  Can defend any position on the court. Has an ability to score at will.  A major D1 prospect.

Lauren Reed Class of 2020- Lauren, very nice strong physical body, gives her the ability to physically get to any where she wants on the court.  Lauren was named MOP at the camp. Has a nice handle on the ball also has no problem being vocal on the floor.

Katie Ambrose Class of 2022 – Katie, is a knock down shooter that has the ability to put the ball on the floor when needed.  A very high basketball IQ, which allows her to almost always makes the highest percentage play.

Haylee Adamski  Class of 2025 – Haylee, to be in only the 4th grade showed that she has superior basketball knowledge.  Although she played mostly with a group where she didn’t touch the ball much, she was able to read the defense, be in the correct position and also made the most out of her opportunities.

Brittany Davis  Class of 2020 – Brittany has a very high motor, an absolute floor leader at the highest degree. She is very vocal on both ends of the floor. Brittany has nice ball handling skills, and doesn’t turn the ball over.  She also is fearless when attaching the basket. A Major D1 prospect.

Amaya Curry  Class of 2023 – Silky Smooth Athlete, that can play.  She has the uncanny ability to attack the basket and is a well above average finisher.  Amaya Dominated her grade level and showed a unique ability to play with the older group and did more than hold her own.  Amaya’s upside is extremely high. If she continues to improve her outside shooting game she will easily be a Major D1 prospect.

Chazadi Wright Class of 2024 – Lightning Fast point guard, controls the ball at very fast speeds.  Thrives in transition.  Chazadi is a defensive diamond, she can steal the ball at the drop of dime.  Her change of speed dribble is almost impossible to guard.

Malia Haney Class of 2024 -  Malia a very quick guard, very good decision maker, rarely turns the ball over.  Malia is the definition of a floor general. As a point guard she understands her role and plays it very well. Very solid Defensive player.

Jaloni Cambridge Class of 2024 – Jaloni is the best player we have seen in the class of 2024 named MOP of the camp.  Jaloni demoralizes the defense every time she touches the ball.  Women’s basketball has not yet seen a player of this magnitude. The best way to describe is a mix between Chris Paul and Allen Iverson she is impossible to guard one on one.. Jaloni is a special player that and embraces the challenge within all phrases of the game. A Major D1 prospect

Kennedy Cambridge Class of 2022 – Kennedy is a very nice, smooth, fluent athlete.  Kennedy is at her best in transition, and also a lock down defensive stopper. Kennedy’s also has a quality mid range game. She the type of player every successful team needs.

Tasia Johnson Class of 2022 – Tasia is a star. She is very athletic can handle, also embraces being a lock down defender.  With that being said her best quality is the ability to shoot the ball.  She had 17 3pters in an AAU game and tallied a total of over 50 pts.  Major D1 Prospect


Madison McNeal Class of 2024 – Madison likes to attack the basket and create for herself and others. She is able to continuously draw fouls on defending players.  Is an excellent on ball defender.

Cleo Johnson Class of 2024 – Cleo is a quality defender very aggressive on defense thrives in an open court game.

Cornelia Ellington Class of 2025 – Tough minded guard, very competitive, great defender enjoys causing havoc on the defensive end of the floor.

Frankie Payne Class of 2024– Tough player, very smart IQ, Nice under the basket; loves to drive the ball to the basket.

Randria Wilcher Class of 2024– Can get to the basket and finishes well at the rim.  Nice ball handling skills, a shot creator.

Jania Akins Class of 2024– Floor leader, has a knack for findings ball, Jania demands respect on the court, Jania is a natural leader on the floor.

Precious Buford Class of 2024 – Nice size, very athletic, can rebound when motivated, has an ability to dominate when motivated.

Camille Files Class of 2025- Camille, is a very team oriented player, she loves to make her teammates better.  A very coachable kid.  She has a bright upside will keep an eye on her in the future.

Tatum Brown Class of 2025 – Aggressive with the ball, likes to attack the basket.  Has an ability to draw fouls.

Nicole Melious Class of 2023 – Nicole has an ability to play on a higher level than most.  She is a complete player has the ability to play 2 and 3 years above her age group. Nicole has an all around game that draws comparisons to Diana Taurasi.

Sanaa Tripp Class of 2024 - Combo guard decent handles can finish at the rim with both hands. Has a nice upside but needs to be more assertive.

Sonovia Reynolds Class of 2025 - Can physically get any where she wants on the court. Has nice handle. Needs to be more assertive.


Chase James  Class of 2024 – Outstanding All Around guard very good handles, great shooter off the dribble,  nice mid range game, has competitive fire.  Huge upside. Major D1 prospect

Clay Robertson Class of 2025 – Competitive player, nice 3pt shot and mid range shot.  A player to watch in the future.




NYBA 2016 PrimeTime Showcase

05/09/2016, 10:30pm EDT

The 2016 PrimeTime Showcase Proved to be One of the TOP Regional Events in the SouthEast!  Over 100 teams squared off from 12 different States.  Top Players & Teams set the pace for what was an Action Packed & Exciting Weekend of basketball in Nashville, TN. 


1st Grade

Rarely will you find such a Loaded 1st Grade division anywhere in the country.  Teams from 5 states including Garden Magic out of Indianapolis, St Louis D1 United, DMG (MS), WACG (TN), & Huntsville Flight (AL).  These young guys were balling, in what was a very competitive division.  Garden Magic dominated their semi-final game vs WACG, while DMG pulled out a close one over D1 St. Louis by a score of 18-16.  The championship game was Highly Contested with Garden Magic pulling out the 11-8 win over DMG.


2nd Grade

This division consisted of four closely matched teams Memphis BluePrint, NYBA ELITE (TN), Team Jah Elite (AR), & Garden Magic (IN).  NYBA Elite swept through pool play, but Garden Magic showed up to play on Championship Sunday.  Garden Magic faced off with Jhalil Okafor sponsored Team Jah Elite out of Little Rock, AR in the championship game.  In what was a drama filled game, Garden Magic came out on top and were crowned champions. 


3rd Grade

Third grade featured an epic battle of regional heavyweights.  It came down to a Championship Showdown between NYBA ELITE and Arkansas Rising Stars.  In what was a great back and fourth game that went into overtime and featured a last second buzzer beater, The Rising Stars were able to pull out a 33-32 victory for the Championship.


4th Grade

This division featured 4 Nationally Ranked Programs including John Lucas All Star Champs & #2 Nationally AR Rising Stars, NYBA ELITE (TN), Triple Threat Raptors (LA), & STL Knights (MO).  The Arkansas Rising Stars proved their top spot by running through the competition over the weekend.  Only 1 close game, where they trailed NYBA ELITE by 4 going into the fourth, but finished strong for the win in pool play.  The Rising Stars swept through bracket play Winning the Championship by 18 over Team Heavy (TN) who upset the TT Raptors (LA) in Semifinal game.


5th Grade

The 5th Grade Division was LOADED! Over 20 teams in this division alone.  Hands down the most Competitive Division and could rival any 5thgrade division for any tournament in the Nation!  Nationally Ranked & Top Teams included, AR Rising Stars, Memphis Wildcats (TN), NYBA ELITE (TN), TN Dream Chasers, & J3 Basketball (GA).  In Super Pool Play Rising Stars lost to the Wildcats, then beat NYBA ELITE in a close game.  NYBA ELITE then handily beat the Wildcats, while J3 beat TN Dream Chasers in a good pool game.  It came down to J3 who beat NYBA ELITE in a close final four game & TN Dream Chasers who beat Surprise Team TN Connection (who upset the Wildcats ) by a large margin of victory.  This brought a Rematch for the DreamChasers & J3.  J3 left no doubt in the Championship game as they pulled out a 50-35 Win.  


6th Grade

This division featured 4 heavy hitters.  YBR ELITE (TN), Memphis Wildcats (TN), ATL Xpress (GA), & STL Knights (MO).  With pool play going as planned, these four faced off in the Final Four.  Memphis Wildcats played solid and knocked off YBR in the semifinal game.  STL Knights & ATL Express faced off in what was a very competitive game with STL Knights prevailing with a 32-26 victory.  This led to what was a Great Championship game between STL Knights & Memphis Wildcats.  STL Knights trailed most of the game and were behind double digits in the 4thquarter.  STL Knights put together a strand of great plays and coaching decisions which gave them the ball trailing by 1 with 3 seconds left, in which they converted on an And 1 lay up to get the 2 point victory & Championship with less than a second left on the clock.


7th Grade

In what was a solid Division, 3 teams stood far and above the rest.  Memphis Wildcats, NYBA Team Flight, & Team Titans (AL).  In the semi-final games NYBA Team Tae Flight slid past AL Team Titans for a 39-34 win, while Memphis Wildcats dominated the entire weekend including a 54-20 semi-final win over Team Platinum (TN).  The Memphis Wildcats proved to be one of the better 7th grade teams in the Nation with a 20 point victory over NYBA Flight in the Championship Game.


8th Grade

8th Gade division featured top teams NYBA ELITE (TN), Memphis Pharoahs, TN Legends, & SouthSide Warriors (GA).  All four swept through pool play.  SouthSide Warriors proved they were ready for the big stage knocking off TN Legends in Semi-final play, while NYBA ELITE won a close game over Top Flight Ballers (TN).  This led to what was a great Championship game with Nationally Ranked NYBA ELITE winning the Championship 45-40.



High School Champs

9th Grade- AL Truth (AL)

10th Grade-  Cincinnati Phenom (OH)

Varsity- LS22 (IN)

Middle School Girls- East TN Pyro (TN)

NYAA East Regional 2016 Tournament Recap

03/23/2016, 11:15pm EDT
By NYAA Basketball

2024 Boys

The Class of 2024 Bracket consisted of some of America’s top young players in the nation.  Headlined by Class of 2024 #1 Ranked Brooklyn Vick.  With excellent play from all teams in the bracket the real fireworks came in the semi finals. Vick for Kids did away with the Triangle Flight Elite 49-28 in the first semi final game.  Capital City Vipers from South Carolina defeated Team Durant from Maryland in overtime 48-47.  The game was filled with stellar performances from both teams.  The Championship game was a steady grind.  Vick For Kids Virginia defeated Capital City Vipers South Carolina 38-22. Vick for Kids was led by many top performance standouts including Tournament MVP –Brooklyn Vick, and All tournament selections Elijah Kelly, and Elijah Redfern.


2022-2023 Boys

Class of 2023 really shined in this division.  Tournament Champions Virginia All Stars from Virginia Class of 2023 went 5-0 and defeated the 2022 Carolina Waves team in the Championship game.  Virginia All Stars 2023 was led by MVP Elijah Mitchell, Sydney Webb, and Lawrence Cole.  This division also had stand out players like #20 ranked AJ Smalls who had the largest tournament avg of 22pts per game.  There were many teams that had standout performances such as Team Chosen’s, Mike DiPasquale and Capital City Vipers, Markel Townsend.  

2021 Boys

Class of 2021 was one of the most unpredictable divisions of the tournament. With many of the best teams in the tournament positioned in this grade group, led to exciting basketball action.  The Capital City Vipers started the tournament in a fury posting pool game wins 69-12, 57-49, and 73-33.  The Vipers lost in the semi finals to eventual champions Swish City NC Reyes in an absolute thriller 48-46. The other semi final game the Swish City Magic Stevenson team defeated Carolina Elite 2021 62-36. 

2020 Boys

Class of 2020 pitted some of the best players and teams against each other.  The Durham Bulls  All Stars were led by eventual tournament MVP Torry Truelock. Garner Road’s Jason Williams and Shack Wade led there team while Trayvon Jones led the  Triangle Tarheels.  Garner Road made its way to the championship game by defeating the Triangle Tarheels 58-43 in a back and forth thriller.  The Durham Bulls All Stars  defeated the Swish City Boy’s 2020 49-29. This set up one for the ages game in the Championship round. With many lead changes the Durham Bullz All Stars defeated the Garner Road Bull Dogs in a game filled with clutch plays and superior athletic talent.

2022-2023 Girls

Class of 2023, the story of this bracket.  The Championship game was built up as the #1 player in the country Nicole Melious and the Stanton Island Mavericks vs the best team in the tournament Carolina Elite 2023.  Carolina Elite took control early in the game, but Melious and her team would not stop fighting back. Melious had some help from Dorothy Weise.  Carolina Elite was led by a total team effort including top ranked Nakhauricy Williams, MVP Kyraha Parnell, and Mikyha Williams. Final Score Carolina Elite 30; Stanton Island Mavericks 27.

2020 -2021 Girls

The 7th and 8th grade girls Division proved to be a run away for the Triangle Tarheels class of 2020 team; however,  a major spark was lit by the 2021 BRHHM Outlaws who beat a few 2020 teams on their way to the Championship Game.  The Tarheels 2020 was led by tournament MVP Jyreah Smith and dynamic post player Chandler Adams. BRHHM was led by All Tournament Shakara Anderson & Tamya Robertson.


ALL Tournament Teams

4th Grade Boys

Brooklyn Vick – MVP  Vick For Kids

Elijah Redfern-  Vick For Kids

Elijah Kelly -   Vick For Kids

Evan Carter -  Capital City Vipers

Mariano Tanedo – Team Durant


5th/6th Grade Girls

Kyraha Parnell – MVP Carolina Elite

Nakhauricy Little – Carolina Elite

Makiyha Williams – Carolina Elite

Milla Gnann - Carolina Elite

Dorothy Weise – Stanton Island Mavericks

Nicole Melious – Stanton Island Mavericks


5th/6th Grade Boys

Elijah Mitchell – MVP – Virginia All Stars

Sidney Webb -  Virginia All Stars

Lawrence Cole – Virginia All Stars

Dylan Rohr -  Carolina Waves

Kaleb Hedgepeth – Carolina Waves


7th/8th Grade Girls

Jyreah Smith – MVP – Triangle Tarheels

Chandler Adams – Triangle Tarheels

Hannah Malik – Triangle Tarheels

Shakara Anderson - BRHHM Outlaws

Tamya Robertson –  BRHHM Outlaws

Anzaria Cobb – K Town Lady Panthers


7th Grade Boys

Markell Lloyd – MVP – Swish City Magic Reyes

Prenise Hinton – Swish City Magic

Malicki Barton – Swish City Magic

Donterio Barrett – Swish City Magic

Korey Richardson – Capital City Vipers


8th Grade Boys

Torry Truelock – MVP – Durham Bullz All Stars

Derrick Ortiz -  Durham Bullz All Stars

LeMario Wilkerson – Durham Bullz All Stars

Jason Williams – Garner Road

Shack Wade  Garner Road



The Naismith National Youth All American Report is proud to present the “Gatorade March Madness East Regional Youth Basketball tournament” The Gatorade March Madness will feature some of the best youth basketball players in the country Boys and Girls Grades 3rd-8th March 18-20th.  With many scouts from NYAA, and Prep Stars scheduled to be in attendance, this will make for an exciting and entertaining weekend of basketball.  Scouts eyes will be focused on #1 ranked Nicole Melious from Stanten Island, NY Class of 2023. Nicole is only in the 5th grade and has already received major college interest.  Also, Scouts will be focused on Markel Townsend Class of 2023 currently ranked #10 in the country.  Markel is a super quick dynamite guard from Columbia, SC.  Also ranked players Sarah Springer Class of 2022 from Virginia and Nakhauriey Little Class of 2023 from Raleigh NC. With such a star- studded field this event is high on the radar.  Selected Games will be streamed live nationally and regionally.

NYAA March Madness 2015 Tournament Recap

01/06/2016, 4:45pm EST
By NYAA Basketball

NYAA March Madness Recap


The NYAA March Madness Tournament started out early Saturday morning with a bang the eventual class of 2020/2021 ladies champion Triangle Tarheels 2020 led by Tournament MVP Hannah Malik  defeated the upstart Carolina Waves 30-25 in game one of the Division’s Pool A grouping. The Triangle Tarheels 2020 team dominated this tournament from start to finish, however there were many great performances by many great teams. One eye catching player was Tanashia Harriston class of 2022 competing against class of 2020,21 players averaging over 20pts per game during the entire tournament.

The 2023/2024 Boy’s group started out equally as well, the eventual Tournament MVP Markel Townsend and the Capital City Vipers from Columbia SC played against the Sidney Webb and the Virginia Hawks from Roanoke VA.  This was one of the best played 2023 game ever played.  There were many quality basketball plays and clutch performances but at the end the day the Capital City Vipers won the game by the score of 36-35. With one challenging game under the Vipers belt the rest of the tournament was a day in the park defeating the class of 2024 Team All Out led by All Tournament Selection Que Williams class of 2025. 45-30

The Class of 2021/2022 Boy’s group had many intense battles, with a very talented group of young men this division was very interesting to view. The eventual champions Royal Knights easily defeated the Triangle Tarheels that was led by their 2023 guard AJ Smalls, and 2021 Justus Purnell. The Royal Knights stifling defense and dazzling offensive skills overwhelmed the Tarheels from the start.  Royal Knights were led by Tournament MVP Kenneth Cornell the talented Point Guard and his brother All Tournament Forward Herbert Cornell. Game of the tournament was the Royal Knights 2021vs Capital Vipers 2022 in pool play. The game was a heated affair with many emotional supporters on both sides.  Great plays were made for both teams.  The 2022 Vipers were led by their two All Tournament Selections Jaden Jeffrey and Bryce Cohen. At the end Kenneth Cornell and the Royal Knights were too much and defeated the Vipers 42-39.  The Tournament Championship pitted the same two teams up against each other for a rematch.  The Royal Knights size, strength, and athleticism proved to be too much down the stretch and defeated the Vipers again 47-40.

Class of 2022/2023 Girls Division showed a lot of promise, The Carolina Flames 2022 team proved to be the class of this tournament hands down. Winning each game by an average total of 27 pts. The Flames had many standouts but most notably Tournament MVP Jolle Davis and All Tournament Rachell Douglas.



Class of 2018/2019 Girls Division was a very interesting team on paper pitting the Nationally Top Ranked Triangle Tarheels 2018 team, and Nationally Ranked 2019 team in the tournament as a possible championship game meeting. Early on in the tournament the 2018 Norfolk Lady Tarheels doused those plans by upsetting the 2018 Triangle Tarheels. The Norfolk Lady Tarheels was led by 5’9 combo guard NeNe Gillium. NeNe constantly broke down the Tarheels defense to create easy scoring opportunities for herself and teammates.  The Norfolk team also did a fantastic job in holding the 2018 Triangle Tarheel All star guard Alissa Smalls in check, forcing her to shoot 27% from the field. Norfolk- 41 Triangle Tarheels 2018- 36. But this tournament belonged to the 2019 Triangle Tarheels. The Tarheels 2019 blew through pool play with a point differential of 56 points.  In bracket play the Tarheels 2019 blew away the Carolina All Stars 51 – 12 setting an opportunity for the younger Tarheel team to avenge the lost of their older sister team against the Norfolk Lady Tarheels in the Championship Game. The Tarheels 2019 was led by All Everything Guards Kendall Moore, Ciara Moore, Sensational Forward Nia Washington and Tournament MVP Alex Suggs dominated the Norfolk team winning the game by a total of 30 points. The Tarheels 2019 team has players that we believe could start at the college level next year as an incoming freshman class. This group of young ladies are only going to be freshman in High School next year.

Class of 2019/2020 Division had a great slate of games, but is very clear from day one that the CEBA class of 2019 was head and shoulders above the competition. CEBA went undefeated throughout the tournament compiling wins against Cary Elite, TYO Neptunes, Royal Knights and then the TYO Neptunes again in the Championship game. CEBA dazzled us with their ability to play solid fundamental basketball and have enough flare to make watching them extremely enjoyable to watch.  Coach Davis, does an excellent job with this team.  Going into games just by looks you wouldn’t think they would have a chance to win.  When the opening tip comes after 2 mins of play it is clear which team more prepared to play. CEBA was led by Tournament MVP Dominique Carlucci, All Tournament Selections Michael Barbee, and Josh Savino. CEBA defeated the TYO Neptunes led by All Tournament Selections Kareem Best and Miles Harris in the Championship Game 58-51.

2018/2019 Girls All Tournament Team

Alex Suggs -MVP Triangle Tarheels (Moore) 2019

Nia Washington - Triangle Tarheels (Moore) 2019

NeNe Gillium -  Norfolk Lady Tarheels

Kendall Moore - Triangle Tarheels (Moore) 2019

Ciara Moore -    Triangle Tarheels (Moore) 2019

2019/2020 Boys All Tournament Team

Dominique Carlucci -MVP CEBA 2019

Michael Barbee-  CEBA 2019

Josh Savino -CEBA 2019

Kareem Best- TYO Neptunes

Miles Harris  -TYO Neptunes

2020/2021 Girls All Tournament Team

Hannah Malik – MVP Triangle Tarheels

Sami Sever -Triangle Tarheels

Tanashia Harriston- Greensboro Gaters 2022

Kayla Cadlett – Carolina All Stars

Rachel Ozio – Carolina Waves

2021/2022 Boy’s All Tournament Team

Kenneth Cornell – MVP Royal Knights

Herbert Cornell – Royal Knights

Jaden Jeffery – Capital City Vipers

Bryce Cohen – Capital Vipers

Tyrese Whitley – Carolina Chaos

2023/2024 Boy’s All Tournament Team

Markel Townsend  - MVP Capital City Vipers

Nakazio Mays – Capital City Vipers

Que Williams – Team All Out

David Gray – Team All Out

Sidney Webb – Virginia Hawks


2022/2023 Girls All Tournament Team

Jolle Davis – MVP Carolina Flames

Rachell Douglas – Carolina Flames

Faith Robinson – Greensboro Gaters

Destiny Harman – Floyd County





NYAA March Madness 2015 Tournament Scouting Report

01/06/2016, 4:45pm EST
By NYAA Basketball

NYAA Gatorade March Madness Basketball Tournament

Scouting Report

Rating Scale: 1-Needs Improvement  2- Below Average  3-Average  4-Above Average  5-Outstanding

Ashley Woodfin #1, 6th grade, Team: Triangle Flight 7th grade

Solid point guard with good ball skills.  Needs to develop a mid-range and 3 point shot to keep the defense honest.  She is a tough competitor especially while playing with older girls.  Strengthen her weak hand and get a consistent jumper and she can be a high level player.

Rating: Shooting – 3 Dribbling – 4 Passing – 4 Defense – 3 Court Sense – 4 Rebounding – 3   


Hannah Malik #5, 7th grade

Team: Triangle Tar Heels 7

Point guard with solid ball handling skills.  Pushes the ball well in transition, can finish at the bucket or find an open teammate.  Decent mid-range jumper, needs to develop a 3 point shot.  High motor kid that keeps her team going.  Keep an eye on her.  

Rating: Shooting-3  Dribbling-4  Passing-3  Defense-3  Court Sense-4  Rebounding-4


Sami Sever #23, 7th grade

Team: Triangle Tar Heels 7

Wing with lots of length and energy.  Rebounds very well and can push the ball in transition.  Nice smooth jumper with 3 point range.  Can defend post and wing players while using solid footwork.  Continue to develop her game around the basket will make her a tough match up in the future and a solid prospect.  Lots of upside for her.  

Rating: Shooting-4  Dribbling-3 Passing-3 Defense-4  Court Sense-3 Rebounding-3


Tanashia Hairston #11, 7th grade

Team: Greensboro Gators

This player has a nonstop motor on both ends of the court.  Very athletic and can get to the basket whenever she wants to and can finish in traffic.  Solid mid-range shot and has 3 point range.  Can dribble with either hand, just needs to get more comfortable using weak hand against pressure.  She’s a go to player with a tremendous upside.  Needs to strengthen her ball handling and a consistent 3 point shot.

Rating: Shooting-4  Dribbling-3  Passing-3  Defense-4  Court Sense-4  Rebounding-3


Rachel Ozio #15, 7th grade

Team:  Carolina Wave

Pass first point guard that can knock down the 3 if you ignore her.  Above average speed and quickness makes her tough to guard in transition.  Does a good job of on ball pressure on defense.  Does a good job of getting teammates the ball in the correct spots and keeps turnovers to a minimum.  Solid decision maker and can handle the ball well against pressure and is not afraid of contact.

Rating: Shooting-3  Dribbling-4  Passing-4 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-3


Kayla Cadlett #23, 7th grade

Team: Carolina All Stars

This point guard is a competitor that really gets after it on both ends of the floor.  She does a good job of defending on the ball.  Has above average speed and quickness which allows her to get to the basket easily in transition.  Needs to get better handling the ball under pressure and get a consistent mid-range jumper.  Skills are a little raw still but shows flashes of greatness at this early stage.  What she lacks in skill she makes up for in hustle and determination.

Rating: Shooting-3  Dribbling-3 Passing-3 Defense-4 Court Sense-3  Rebounding-4


NeNe Gillium #5, 8th grade

Team: Norfolk Lady TarHeels

Tall strong guard with deep 3 point range.  She is a tremendous competitor that plays hard on both ends of the floor.  Is a decent ball handler and can keep her teammates involved with accurate passing.  She is not afraid of contact and will go in and rebound with the post players.  Solid scoring guard, will continue to be an elite player as her skill get better.

Rating: Shooting-4  Dribbling-3  Passing-3  Defense-4  Court Sense-4  Rebounding-4


Triangle TarHeels 8th grade (Moore)

***If you have not seen this team you need to as soon.  This team is stacked with players at every position.  They have two speedy point guards with pin point passing and aggressive defense.  Post players are able to stretch and shoot the 3 point shot with regularity and all can finish around the basket in traffic.  At least 3 players are college ready right now and will be immediate impact players on their high school teams.****  


Alex Scruggs #32, 8th grade

Team: Triangle TarHeels 8th (Moore)

Big strong post with guard skills.  Solid post moves but can also step out and shoot the 3 consistently or take her defender off the dribble.  Can see her moving to a 4 or 3 spot in high school.  Keep an eye on this one she is a player.

Rating: Shooting-4 Dribbling-4  Passing-3 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-3


Michael Barbee #12, 8th grade

Team: CEBA 8th

Athletic combo guard that can really score the ball in different ways.  Quick first step allows him to get to the basket and let his athleticism take over from there.  Smooth jumper but needs to be able to shoot off the dribble.  Solid defender with good balance and discipline.  Plays well against pressure, does not get rattled.

Rating: Shooting-3  Dribbling-4 Passing-3 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-4


Dominique Carlucci #45, 8th grade

Team: CEBA 8th

Big strong player that loves to bang down low.  Solid mid-range jumper and can put it on the floor and finish through contact.  Plays with a lot of passion and energy, can see him playing a 3 or stretch 4 in high school.  Needs to develop solid ball handling skills with both hands and be comfortable going to his left.  Any short comings in his game he makes up for with determination and effort.  Fun guy to watch play.

Rating: Shooting-3  Dribbling-3 Passing-3 Defense-4  Court Sense-4 Rebounding-4


Josh Savino #11, 8th grade

Team: CEBA 8th

Smooth shooting wing with potential of being a point guard with improved ball handling.  Quick release on catch and shoot with no wasted movement.  Has good balance on shot and can pull up in traffic.  Thinner guy but does not stop him from banging inside on rebounds, tough kid.  Makes good decisions with the ball and does not try to do too much.  Good team guy, will be a great addition to his high school team.

Rating: Shooting-4  Dribbling-3  Passing-4 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-3


Miles Harris #3, 8th grade

Team: TYO Neptunes

Long lanky wing with solid inside outside game.  Smooth stroke and ability to go inside with his slight stature make him a match up problem.  Handles the ball very well even in traffic, does a good job of getting the ball to a teammate instead of forcing something.  Plays hard but under control but a tough competitor.  Needs to move better without the ball and increase his quickness, which will come in the next couple of years along with strength.  

Rating: Shooting-3 Dribbling-3 Passing-4 Defense-3 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-3


Kareem Best #32, 8th grade

Team: TYO Neptunes

Big strong kid that is really tough around the basket.  Has solid footwork around the basket along with good post moves.  Not afraid of playing against taller opponents by playing smart and not doing too much.  Needs to improve ball handling and mid-range jumper.  

Rating: Shooting-3 Dribbling-2 Passing-3 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-5


Shawn Sims #42, 8th grade

Team: Carolina All Stars

Long lanky wing/post.  Can score in the paint or step out and shoot the 3.  Very athletic and pretty good body control for his 6’3 frame.  Can push the ball in transition but can also get out of control.  Good timing on blocking shots without fouling.  Needs to work on his left hand and going left with the ball.  Takes too many plays off and has a tendency to stand around, this will change in high school.  More consistent effort on both ends, improved ball handling and he will go from a good to great player, he already has the tools.   

Rating: Shooting-3 Dribbling-3 Passing-3 Defense-3 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-4


Sid Scarborough #23, 4th grade

Team: VA Hawks

For a young player Sid has solid mechanics and great court awareness.  He can put it on the floor and finish or pull up and knock down the mid-range jumper.  Great competitor with a non-stop motor.  Is being taught very well and is showing that as he continues to develop will be a force at the higher levels.

Rating: Shooting-3 Dribbling-4 Passing-3 Defense-4 Court Sense-4 Rebounding-4


Markel Townsend #1, 4th grade

Team: Capital City Vipers

Outstanding young player with a tremendous skill set that makes him great already.  Can shoot the 3 pointer, drive and score or hit open teammate.  Is a go to player offensively that can lock you down on defense. Does not play like a 4th grader, could not stop watching him or his team play.  If you get a chance he is a must see player.

Rating:  Shooting-5  Dribbling-5  Passing-4  Defense-4  Court Sense-5  Rebounding-4


Que Williams #4, 2nd grade

Team: All Out

Plays above his age level and still dominates the competition.  Can handle the ball, passes are spot on and has a tremendous basketball IQ.  Ball skills and shooting are way above his age and grade level.  Another must see player, do not let the grade level fool you this kid is a player.

Rating: Shooting-4  Dribbling-5  Passing-5  Defense-4  Court Sense-5  Rebounding-3