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NYAA March Madness Team List

2016 NYAA March Madness East Regional




East Regional March 18-20 Showcase



Jamil Boyd, 7th grade, Swish City Magic

Athletic ball handler with a smooth jumper.  Plays hard on both ends of the floor.  Fun to watch, keep an eye of his development.



Derrick Ortiz, 8th grade, Durham Bullz

Strong quick point guard with above average speed.  Handles the ball well especially against pressure and can take contact.  Can shoot the 3 ball or get to basket and finish through contact.  He competes hard on both ends of the floor.


Kamrin Wright, 7th grade, Swish City Magic

Big strong post player.  Solid shot blocker and above average rebounder.  Decent defender with good footwork.  Finishes well around the basket and has a soft touch on his shot.  As he continues to grow he will only get better.



Donterio Barrett, 7th grade, Swish City Magic

Athletic guard that has deep 3 range.  Plays with a lot of energy and makes an impact on defense.  Needs to add a reliable mid-range jumper to go with his 3 point shot.  Keep an eye on this player.



Nathan Kanig, 7th grade, Carolina Elite

Smart player with a very good 3 point shot.  Handles the ball well and a solid passer.  Improved ball handling to go with his high IQ will take his game to another level.


Cole Pickett, 7th grade, Carolina Elite

Long active post player.  Very athletic post that runs the floor extremely well.  His high motor makes him an impact on the defensive end and his athleticism allows him to guard multiple positions.  Tough rebounder that does not quit moving on offense.  Watch his development, can be a high level player as he continues to improve.



Abby King, 7th/8th grade, Triangle Tar Heels

High energy player that does not stop.  Has a nose for the ball, finishes well around the basket.  Has decent ball handling skills which allows her to play in the post or on the perimeter.  Fun player to watch, the addition of a reliable mid-range shot will take her game to another level. 



Kaden Lowry, 6th grade, Carolina Elite

Can shoot 3 pointer or finish around the basket.  Plays hard and displays a solid understanding of the game.  Average defender right now but can see that he is only going to get better as he continues to grow physically.







AJ Smalls, 5th grade, Triangle Tar Heels

Solid guard that can do everything.  Shoots with unlimited range, above average ball handler and high IQ.  Becoming quite the competitor that wants to win every time he hits the floor.  Above average defender that anticipates well and gets in the passing lane well.



Jason Williams, 8th grade, Garner Road

Strong point guard that has above average speed.  Solid decision maker that makes his teammates better.  Can shoot 3 or get to the basket in a hurry with his quick first step.  Lots to like about this player.



Sammi Sever, 8th grade, Triangle Tar Heels Girls

Long active defender that is not afraid of contact.  Rebounds with no fear, has 3 point range on her shot.  Decent ball handler, needs to improve weak hand and have her mid-range game be more reliable. 


Nicole Melious, 5th grade, Staten Island Mavericks

Very good player that has a well-rounded game.  Has a very reliable shot from anywhere on the floor.  Above average ball handler, rebounds well and demonstrates a high IQ.  Her #1 high ranking is well deserved. 



Dorothy Weise, 5th grade, Staten Island Mavericks

Don’t let her size fool you, this little athlete can play.  Has above average ball handling skills and 3 point range.  Competes hard on both ends of the floor and is not afraid to go in and get physical with bigger players.  She’s only going to get better as grows physically, keep your eye on her she’s going to be special.



Anzaria Cobb, 8th grade, K-Town Lady Panthers

Tall post with a big strong body.  Has great hands and solid footwork.  On offense she uses her body well to get position and then uses good footwork to score.  Good rebounder that doesn’t lose the ball once she has it.  She’s a factor on both ends of the floor.



Rameak Fennell, 4th grade, Wilmington Spartans

Smooth stroke and solid ball handling by this young player.  Unselfish player that can also get his own shot.  Quick first step and the reliable shot makes him a tough match up.



Brooklyn Vick, 4th grade, Vick 4 Kids

Skills are way beyond his grade level.  Demonstrates a high IQ, skills are above average in every area.  He can handle the ball with both hands, unlimited shooting range, can get past any player and is a tremendous defender that doesn’t get beat by his man. 




Elijah Redfern, 4th grade, Vick 4 Kids

Aggressive smart defender with a nonstop motor.  Can shoot the 3 but also take you off the dribble and pull up.  Stroke is smooth and consistent, has a lot to offer and gets better each game.



Elijah Kelly, 4th grade, Vick 4 Kids

Taller than most players his age but possess all the guard skills.  Solid handles, shoots with range and an above average defender.  Great job of getting in passing lanes and instincts to block shots.



Marcus Newsome, 5th/6th grade, Durham Lakers

Lefty shooter that you cannot leave open.  Can hit the mid-range shot as well as a consistent 3 point threat.  Solid defender with a nose for the ball and solid passing skills. 



Trayvon Jones, 8th grade, Triangle Tar Heels

Long athletic guard that makes it look easy.  Solid wing player with a quick first step and uses his athleticism to get to the basket and absorbs contact well in order to finish plays.  Can shoot the 3, when he can be a more reliable threat from behind the arc you will see his offensive game go through the roof.  Strengthening his weak hand will also make his stock soar.



Josh Draughon, 8th grade, Garner Rd

Long player that rebounds.  Active shot blocker and solid post game.  Decent shooter with soft touch.  Continue to work on ball handling and a consistent mid-range jumper and watch his stock rise.



Shack Wade, 8th grade, Garner Rd

Explosive leaper that goes strong to the basket.  Athleticism is off the charts which allows him to guard perimeter players or defend in the post.  A tweener right now, but continue to improve ball handling and develop his mid-range game and he will be a big time prospect.



Torry Truelock, 8th grade, Durham Bullz

Versatile guard that can also play in the post.  Is a match nightmare because he can shoot it as well as go past anyone.  His motor is a question and because of this his defense is not as good as it could be.  Great teammate and possess leadership qualities, make his team go.  Keep an eye on this player.



LeMario Wilkerson, 8th grade, Durham Bullz

Explosive leaper, high energy player.  Can rebound with and over anyone, lots to like about this player.  Quick first step off the wing and ability to finish strong or with finesse.  Potential to be an All State level player as he continues to improve.




Anthony Saunders, 4th grade, Team Durant

Solid shooter with a quick release.  Knows how to move and get open without the ball.  Good decision maker even at a young age when deciding on when to shoot or pass.  Look for this player to be one of the top players in the country real soon.




Elijah Flowers, 4th grade, Team Durant

Quick first step makes him deadly off the wing and finishes through contact.  Also has a reliable 3 ball that you have to respect. 



Landry Barbour, 4th grade, Team Durant

Long defender with a high motor.  Can get to the hole or knock down3 ball.  Smart defender that gets his hands on a lot of passes and keeps his man in front of him. 



Mariano Tanedo, 4th grade, Team Durant

Do not overlook this pint sized point guard.  Already has a solid point guard mentality and knows when to pass and to whom and knows when he should shoot it. Had a great tournament and demonstrated that know game was too big and was not afraid to take the big shots that his team needed.  Keep an eye on this player, he will only get better.



Lawrence Cole, 5th/6th grade, VA All Stars

Athletic guard with good handles.  Can get to the hole and finish through contact.  Has great instincts on both ends of the floor.



Mike Di’Pasquale, 5th grade, Team Chosen

Solid point guard with great leadership qualities already.  Uses either hand effectively and can knock down 3 point shot and has a respectable mid-range game.  Plays with a lot of control on both ends of the floor and does not get beat on defense.  Any coach would love to have him on their team.



Markel Townsend, 5th grade, Capitol City Vipers

This player continues to impress and only get better each time I see him play.  Commands a double team each time he touches the ball and yet does not let it bother him.  Can bet the double team and finish in traffic or make the right pass.  Above average ball handling and a respected shooter makes him a tough matchup. 



Landon Trail, 5th grade, VA All Stars

Streaky shooter that does not miss when he gets going.  High IQ and solid passing skills makes him a tough match up and compliments his teammates very well.  Does not try to do too much, but competes every time he gets on the court.  Lots of fun to watch him grow and play.



Sidney Webb, 5th grade, VA All Stars

Solid ball handler with a quick first step.  Has vastly improved since last summer, look for his game to continue to improve as he gets bigger.  Continue to work on mid-range game off the dribble to really see his stock rise.





Jamri Warren, 4th/5th grade, Capitol City Vipers

Tough defender and rebounder.  Has lots of length for his age and has a solid shooting game.  Will only get better as he continues to play.



Nakhauricy Little, 5th grade, Carolina Elite

She is a solid guard with good ball handling skills and great court vision.  Solid passer that can also take you to the hole.  Keep your eye on this player, she is with a good program that is making her a top player.



Kyraha Parnell, 5th grade, Carolina Elite

She is a long lanky guard that is still growing.  Has good body control especially when handling the ball in traffic.  Can put it on the floor and go coast to coast or make a move on the wing and finish strong at the basket.  Impact player right now that will be a top middle school player in a year.  Has a bright future ahead of her.



Rashawn Robinson, 5th grade, Team Chosen

Big strong post that is already 6’0.  Runs the floor real well and has solid footwork around the basket.  Does not play out of control and has great timing when blocking shots. 



Jaxon Brown, /6th grade, Carolina Waves

Smooth jump shot to go along with decent ball handling.  Tough rebounder that can handle the ball well with either hand. 



Keeshawn Leach, 7th grade, Swish City Magic

Strong guard that finishes well at the rim.  Big factor on the defensive end that plays with a lot of energy.  Has a solid mid-range jumper or can break down his defender off the dribble.



Mikyha Williams, 5th grade, Carolina Elite

Long aggressive player with a high motor.  Can shoot the 3 or take you off the dribble.  Can defend any position effectively and runs the floor extremely well.  Needs to develop a pull up jumper to go with her athletic play.  Lots to like but even more there as she develops.



Milla Gnann, 5thgrade, Carolina Elite

Solid steady point guard that does not make many mistakes and does of great job of taking care of the ball.  Absorbs contact well and does not get rattled or in a hurry when pressured.  Can shoot the 3 when left open but does an even better job of making her teammates better.  Has a bright future.



Markell Lloyd, 7th grade, Swish City Magic

Lefty shooter that has a smooth stroke.  Will play in the post even though he is undersized but uses his body well and is able to get off good shots in the paint.  Elevates his game in high pressure situations and comes through for his team.  Needs to improve his defense and ability to get open when he does not have the ball. 



Malachi Barton, 7th grade, Swish City Magic

A do everything guard with an unstoppable motor.  Difference maker on offense but especially on the defensive end.  Gets his hand on a lot of passes and can lead the break and finish through contact.  Fun to watch him compete



Rashawn Leach, 7th grade, Swish City Magic

Quick point guard with great lateral movement.  Above average speed and quickness.  Can breakdown his defender or knock down the deep 3. 


Steven Allen, 7th grade, Triangle Tar Heels

Good shooter and rebounder.  Plays in post as an undersized player but gets the job done.  Plays aggressive and strong with a really smooth jumper.  Does not miss from 17 feet and in.  Needs to play with more energy and improve ball handling to really see his stock rise.  Lots of potential with this player.



Korey Richardson, 7th grade, Capitol City Vipers

Lots to like with this player.  Long lanky wing span helps him be a big factor on the defensive end.  Offensively he has good ball skills, can shoot with range and goes aggressively to the hole.  Needs a go to move and pull up jumper to really soar.  Bright future with this player.



Dylan Rohr, 7th grade, Carolina Waves

Solid player that finishes well at the basket.  Decent ball handling skills that allow him to bring the ball up in transition.  A factor on defense as well.  As he continues to develop his stock will rise.


Chandler Adams, 7th grade, Triangle Tar Heels

She has a solid inside game and her footwork has improved.  Plays with a lot of energy and does not mind playing physical against taller players.  She can guard in the post or on the wing and has a decent mid-range jumper.  As her skill catches up to her effort her stock will rise even faster, fun player to watch, keep watching.



Jyreah Smith, 7th grade, Triangle Tar Heels

This player has greatly improved since we saw her last.  Plays with a great deal of energy, she’s athletic and physical on both ends of the floor.  Can stop and pop or hit the long 3 pointer.  As good as an offensive player as she is she is equally as good on the defensive end.  Gets in the passing lane and finishes well in traffic.  Will be a top player very soon, if she isn’t already.