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Player Spotlight

Jaelon Germany Class of 2026

By Caliyah Camay

Kids comes with optimism and endless possibilities. They believe anything is possible and options for the future are limited only by their imagination. All they need is someone who believes in them and encouragement. Their goals might change, but when a kid has a sense of confidence that they can set their heart, mind and soul on something anything is possible. National Youth All American had an opportunity to speak with 10 year old Jaelon Germany and his father, Ira Davis on Jaelon’s early successful basketball career and being ranked a top player in the Class of 2026.


Still having more exciting and upcoming years to play, Jaelon wants his "teammates to remember him as a leader and his coaches to remember him as coachable and someone who motivates his teammates.” He says the his favorite basketball player of all time is Jamal Crawford because Jaelon thinks he is the best ball handler of all time and his game is similar to his. However, his tries to imitate Magic Johnson’s game because “he is a leader, he encourages his teammates and lead his team to a championship.”


Jaelon’s father, Ira Davis spoke about how he emphasizes that “education must come first, without education you can’t go anywhere. Let’s say when he makes it to the NBA, you still have to be a business man first.”


During our interview Jaelon spoke candidly about his basketball IQ. Basketball I.Q. is a combination of instincts and the ability to adapt to any situation.Basketball I.Q. is one of the attributes that does not show up on the stat sheet.While it may not directly add points to the board, it does affect the game and helps teams win. He talks about how he “sees the game really slow and feels that he sees things before it happens.” Jaamal Crawford said : “I just try to make the right play. Every night isn’t going to be your night to score. I can do that, but I’d rather do whatever this team needs to win.” I think that is exactly what Jaelon tries to follow through his career.


NYAA Basketball believes Jaelon is on the right path to achieving his potential goal. He has the confidence of a future NBA player.