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Naismith National Youth All American

NYAA "Finding Tomorrow's Star's Today"

NYAA "Finding Tomorrows Stars Today"

Recognized by: USA Today, Bleacher Report, NBC Sports As The Nation's Leader of Youth Basketball Coverage

One Stop Shop For Youth Basketball: Get New's Updates, National, Local Tournaments, Tryouts, Camps, Clinics, Games, Events for Travel Teams Local and National. Our messages boards allow youth basketball enthusiast to interact with each other and learn about the ever-changing climate of youth sports.

Players Rankings - Send 5 to 10 mins of live game action no highlights our scouting staff will evaluate and rank accordingly. Send videos to

We rank Male and Female Youth Athletes.

The National Youth All American Report has been instrumental in spring boarding today’s youth athletes to tomorrow stars. Our scouts spend countless hours at youth basketball events. 

We rely a lot on word of mouth, if you know of someone you feel is deserving of being on this report just compete our watch list form and we will send a scout the area to observe the players skill set.

As a matter of policy, we never share which coaches said what about whom, so that coaches will be free to share their assessments. Another policy is that parents’ opinions about their own children are not considered, but you are welcome to provide feedback about honors and other details that may be of help to us in keeping their profiles up to date as well as our challenge of sifting through thousands of players nationwide. That kind of data can be helpful, but the: “How can you not have rated my kid? He/She is awesome” communication, while compelling, will be deleted.


NYAA Exposure Packages:

8th -12th grade is a critical time for potential college athletes regardless of the sport they play. NYAA is doing our part to help with that aspect. NYAA Introduces Exposure Packages - If you are unsigned and feeling anxiety about the recruiting process or perhaps your not happy with the offers you are getting. If you are Major D1, Mid Major, D2, D3 or NAIA, NYAA can and will help.  Our exposure packages will put you in front of the schools you want. Also. we will provide you with the necessary feedback you need to determine why you’re not getting the looks you feel you deserve.



My son is a 2019 Senior from Tampa Fl. I signed him up for the Gold Package. After one week of me signing my son up, he received 7 calls from NCAA college coaches.  The simple fact these coaches showed interest in my son, immediately picked up his spirits and gave him a new found confidence. Believe me, our entire family has been attacking this dream of his since he was 8 years old.  It was heartbreaking having my son watch others get offers and see them with so much joy and my son being left out in the cold.  We are still in our initial stages but thanks to NYAA we have hope.  

William K

Tampa Fl


My daughter is in the 8th grade from Salt Lake City Utah, I decided to give the NYAA Gold Package a try.  Almost immediately we begin to get phone calls and emails from ESPN and college coaches.  My daughter works really hard and seemed like she played well but she never really was recognized for her accomplishments.  It's great that NYAA will give our children an opportunity to publicized their achievements. 

Heather P

Salt Lake City UT


Lebron James Jr #3 Class of 2023

Mikkel Tyne #1 Ranked Player Class of 2024

Gatorade National Basketball Tournament April 18-19

Naismith National Youth All American the best National Basketball Tournament in the country. Bring your team to compete against the best youth basketball has to offer.

Boy's and Girls

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, & 10th graders 

Cost:  250.00

3 game Guarantee

Christiansburg VA (East Coast Home of NYAA)



Use This Code - CHRISTIANSBURG2020


NyAA Basketball is the #1 website for youth basketball national player rankings. Player and Team rankings will be on the line at this event.


Contact us at : 414-203-1438

If you do not have a team or if your team cannot attend do not worry NYAA offers "No Child Left Behind" Check out our program 

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NYAA Gatorade Elite Player Ranking Camp

National Youth All American Elite Ranking Camp 

Saturday May 23rd  Charlotte NC

Saturday May 30th  Chicago IL

Saturday June 13th  Dallas TX

Saturday July 11th   San Diego CA 

NYAA has competitive camps that include most competitive drills and game play.


Upon signing up you will receive an email which will allow you the opportunity to specify the location you wish to attend.


BOY'S & GIRL'S  2nd - 11th GRADE

Cost 225.00



Register Here



Chloe Clardy #3 Ranked Player Class of 2023

NYAA Basketball

NYAA Basketball

Phone: 414-203-1438